Give Them What They Want

Sergie - BS Varial @ Pier Park

Day Two of the Trifecta at Pier Park was off-the-hook. Salba, Shane, Rune and Benji carved over the mousehole and Serge blasted some massive airs. Check him out, pictured above, in mid-varial surrounded by an appreciative crowd. Anyone want to take a guess how high Sergie was getting on Saturday? Click on the pic for a larger view.

7 Responses to “Give Them What They Want”

  • It was awesome to see that guy in the Pier Park bowl. Maybe Lincoln Ueda will come next year and they can battle it out for high airs.

  • From my perspective standing on the deck just out of frame to the left…. I’d say he was a good 8 to 9 feet out. I’m 6’4″ and I might have been able to touch his knee reaching up.

  • sick early grabs…to bad they arent over coping…

  • The only person who looks bored in this picture is Jake Brown.

  • I was just gonna say Jake Brown doesn’t look too impressed. I think he’s a cyborg. It was awesome to see Sergie go big at Pier.

  • Check out Packy’s pose!

    I guess it would be hard for Jake to get excited about an air that is probably less than half of the transition on the ramp he fell from.

  • Serg was launching, no doubt.

    I’d like to see the Dew-type prize money for a big dog event at Pier. Hold the Dew, just the money.

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