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Just Swim

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 22 - Mike Swim

You may have noticed the Roto-Post widget along the right-hand side of the page. It’s purpose is to display a random Earth Patrol post; a little slice of serendipity if you will. Anyway, a post featuring Mike Swim came up and the image was so compelling, we chose to use it as this week’s Monday Cover. Check out a few more images of Mike shredding along with a photo gallery after the turn.

Congratulations Mike!

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A Swim Lesson in Nine Steps

Mike Swim in a Pier Park Pipe

There’s something about Mike Swim floating over the pipe hip at Pier Park that just seems to encapsulate skateboarding. If you haven’t noticed, Mike is the skater featured in the main Earth Patrol banner at the top of the page. Style is important and Mike has some of the best. Check out some stills of Mike in the gallery.

Swim is on the Job

Beaverton Bowl Progress

Concrete is flowing at the Beaverton bowl. Mike Swim is working on the crew so you know the finish is going to be top notch. More pics of the progress after the turn.

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Swims about Pier

Veronica and Mike at Pier Park

If you ride at Pier Park, you might recognize these folks. Veronica and Mike shred Pier on a daily basis. Check out a few pics of the Swims as they get their skate on. EPM Out!

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Be Like Mike

Mike Swim - FS Lien @ Pier

Back in the 80’s you might have heard the phrase “Be Like Mike.” We are reviving the phrase for this week’s Monday Cover featuring Mike Swim. This guy rips from session start to session end and reportedly owns a mint pair of tuff-skins. If you get a chance to see Mike skate, you will understand why you might want to “be like Mike.”

Congratulations Mike on another cover.

Footnote: If you are looking for new shoes and want to help with the effort to build more skate parks, consider the Vox – Dreamland shoe. Mike is wearing a pair in this photo. A portion of each shoe sale goes directly to building more skate parks.

Swim in a Big Pool

Mike Swim - FS Grind @ Pier

Today’s Monday Cover goes to Mike Swim. On any skateable day at Pier, there’s a good chance you will see Mike tearin’ it up. He has some of the ‘styliest’ backside Smiths and just style in general. It’s great that Mike has chosen to be a part of the Dreamland crew; skaters building skateparks for skaters. How poetic is that? My money is still on Mike to be the first person to carve backside over the door.

Congratulations Mike and Thanks!

Swami Sessions are a Go!

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 25 - Mike Swim

One of the signs that Spring has arrived here in the Northwest is the return of Swami Saturday Sessions at Pier Park. From our stealth perch in a skate blind, we captured this soon-to-be-common sighting of this week’s Monday Cover skater, Mike “Swami” Swim, floating over the door. Ahh, Spring has sprung. Check out more pics of Mike surfing Pier after the turn.

Congratulations Mike!

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Saturday Sessions with Swami

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 34 - Mike Swim

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Mike Swim, wants you to come skate some vert at Pier Park. Consider this your standing open invitation to come skate with the Swami each and every Saturday from 5 pm to dusk. Mike is tuning up his vert skills, case in point, this Fourth of July weekend appropriate indy air. Check out more pics of Mike going off at Pier after the turn.

Congratulations Mike!

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Swami in the Pool

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 23 - Mike Swim

Today’s secret word kids is “epic.” Arrrrrgggghh! Yep, that’s Monday Cover skater, Mike Swim, snapping back a frontside on the side wall of, what we’ll call, the bamboo bowl. Check out more pics of Mike “charming the crap” out of this unique spot after the turn.

Congratulations Mike!

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Emeralds and Roses

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 49 - Morris Wainwright

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Morris Wainwright, lofts an ollie in the deep at Pier Park. Morris made the three hour trip from Seattle to Portland to session with the locals. It’s obvious after watching Morris skate with Mike Swim, that there is a West Seattle style, so smooth. Check out some more pics of Morris getting his shred on after the turn.

Congratulations Morris!

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