Born to Skate

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 1 - Donovan Rice

Believe or not, it’s the 2nd anniversary for Monday Covers here on Earth Patrol. In celebration, we kick off the start of our 3rd year with a familiar face, Donovan Rice. It’s somewhat of an arbitrary tradition at this point but Donovan has kicked off each year’s series of Monday Covers for the last two years: Vol. 1-Issue 1, Vol. 2-Issue 1. If you’ve seen Donovan skate, you know why we titled this post “Born to Skate.” Check out some more pics of Donovan after the turn.

Congratulations Donovan!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Donovan - Feeble Fakie @ Cal Skate

Donovan – Feeble to Fakie

Donovan - Finger Flip @ Cal Skate

Donovan – Finger Flip

Donovan - FS Ollie Gap @ Cal Skate

Donovan – Ollie Gap

Donovan - Log Ramp Gap @ Cal Skate

Donovan – Log Gap

Donovan - Shooting Ducks @ Cal Skate

Full frame of Monday Cover

5 Responses to “Born to Skate”

  • I like the Monday Covers. Its a cool part of EPM for sure. Maybe you will do a book of Monday Covers someday. Happy 156 Monday Covers! (or is this 157).

  • Thanks Kvon. As far as number of covers, this is #104 in total; 51 covers in the first year, 52 last year and this is the first of “this year.” The first Monday Cover appeared on November 20, 2006.

  • yea I like the Monday covers too. Definitely a kool part of EPM

  • I don’t know… I prefer the Shot of the Week…


  • oops my bad… “Start of our 3rd year” Thanks for clearing that up. I really can count, I just don’t read good. 😀

    I like the subtle EPM Spacemen on the ramp… you must be doing that on all the Monday Covers… kinda like the hidden bunny on the Playboy covers… not that I read that smut. 😉

    Imagine: Coffee table book of Monday Covers! Big, Glossy, thick pages! YES!

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