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Battle Ground – Julie, Pat and Benji

Trifecta Update - Battle Ground
Battle Ground is a fitting name for the final stop of the 2008 Trifecta. Once again, the skating was insane and the crowd was stoked on the action. A few soldiers went down along the way and we wish them a speedy recovery. Top honors in each division included: Julie Kindstrand in the Ladies, Pat Ngoho in the Masters, and Benji Galloway in the Pro/Am. Check out the winners and more after the turn. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Battle Ground stop in future posts. EPM Out.
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Benji in Dreamland

Monday Cover 36 - Benji Galloway

It’s pretty simple. Dreamland builds killer parks and skaters love to skate them. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater Benji Galloway. Check out this lofty BS tail grab air at Pier Park along with a few more shots after the turn.

Congratulations Benji!

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Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 49 - Benji Galloway

A pharao, a caveman and a swashbuckling pirate walk into a bar. You know this one? Actually, it wasn’t a bar, it was a skatepark, and they weren’t walking; they were skating. The pirate? Well, he’s this week’s Monday Cover skater, Benji Galloway and that is one styling skate-plank tail-grab over the hip at Burnside. Now about that pharao and caveman be sure to stay tuned. Check out a few more pics of Benji pillaging about the park after the turn.

Congratulations Benji!

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Build It and They Will Shred

Chris Miller with a huge frontside air into the pocket - Dew Tour Portland

Hoo haa, that’s one huge air into the pocket courtesy of Chris Miller during this year’s Portland stop of the Dew Tour. Maybe you would like to see more of Chris skating the world’s first portable concrete bowl? Well, you’re in luck; check out videos and results of the legend and pro finals after the turn along with a larger version of Chris’ atmospheric air. EPM “telemetry tracking engaged” Out!

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Big Style Points

Benji Galloway @ Pier Park

Sometimes a single picture says it all. That’s one large and styling frontside air at Pier Park courtesy of Benji Galloway. He makes it look so effortless, a true natural. Check out a larger image after the turn.

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Anything to Fakie

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 16 - Benji Galloway

New indoor skatepark, new art, and new lines. Cheers to Commonwealth Skateboarding on their grand opening and to this week’s Monday Cover skater, Benji Galloway, to put it bluntly. Woohoo, concrete undercover; it’s been a long time comin’. Check out a few more pics of Benji getting “fakie firsties” at Commonwealth after the turn. EPM “speedo at the ready for adult swim” Out!

Congratulations Benji!

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Camouflage Concrete

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 36 - Benji Galloway

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Benji Galloway, finds himself suspended above the ever expanding grey camouflage surface of Pier Park. Check out a few more pics of Benji’s aerial assault on Pier after the turn.

Congratulations Benji!

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Back in the Saddle

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 12 - Benji Galloway

February has arrived and kicking-off this month’s series of Monday Covers is skater-on-the-mend, Benji Galloway. Benji managed to seriously fracture his left arm days after his win at the Pier Park stop of the 2009 Oregon Bifecta. It seems he is feeling a bit better these days as witnessed with this backside ollie over the hip at MC’s bowl. Check out a few more pics of Benji shredding it up after the turn.

Congratulations Benji!

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Put This In Your Pipe….

Oregon Bifecta 2009 - Pier Park Winners

Alright, let’s hear it for Pier Park and the skating that went down yesterday. It seemed like there was a 360 degree stoke going down for all in attendance. What can we say but viva Pier Park as an annual stop for the Oregon Tri sometime Bi-Fecta. Enough gushing already, here’s your creme de la creme in each division: Ladies – Julie Kindstrand, Masters – Lance Mountain, Pros – Benji Galloway. Check out the pics after the turn and stay tuned for more detailed coverage in the coming days, weeks, months, etc…. You know the exercise.

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Virtuosos of the Corn

Pros - 2008 Trifecta - Battle Ground, WA

Better late than never. Closing out our 2008 Trifecta coverage is the Pro division of the final stop in Battle Ground, WA. The Bacon crew took the top three spots in a heated battle for Corn Cup supremacy. Congratulations Benji, Tim and Kevin, we’ll see you next year. Check out all the action from the Pro division in the gallery.

Pros @ Battle Ground – 2008 Trifecta

See the results after the turn.

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