Knights of Crown Royale

Tigard Pros - Trifecta 2008

It was hot as a dragon’s breath during the Tigard stop of the 2008 Trifecta but that didn’t stop the pros from just killing it. The field was massive with over 70 skaters competing for the cash. With that many skaters zooming around on fast Dreamland ‘crete, a few mishaps are bound to happen. Aside from a few minor injuries, the contest was a huge success. Pure skateboarding mayhem went down along with some tunes and a few fireworks. Check out over 100 photos from the Pro ranks in the gallery.

Pros @ Tigard – 2008 Trifecta

See the results after the turn.

  1. Daniel Cardone – Bologna ITA Quiksilver, Fiat, Hosoi, Daggers $1,000
  2. Tim Johnson – St. Marys GA USA Bacon Skateboards, Soledad Clothing, Type-S Wheels, Ninja, Vox, Kona Skatepark, 187 Pads, Random $600
  3. Kevin Kowalski – Seal Rock OR USA Bacon Skateboards, Duffs, Innes $400
  4. Steve Reeves – Medford OR USA Creature, Innes, Bones, Vox, Dakine, Turks Board House, Skrotes $240
  5. Benji Galloway – North Augusta SC USA Bacon Skateboards, Kronik Energy, Ninja Bearings, Type-S, Nash Motorcycles, Knuckle Clothing $200
  6. Tyler Martin – Grants Pass OR USA Sector 9, Draven Shoes, Ayer Clothign, Freestyle Watches, Old Kooks $160
  7. Raven Tershy – Santa Cruz CA USA Creature, ACE Trucks, Spitfire flow, Lakai flow, DAF $120
  8. Bruno Passos – Rio de Janiero BRA Hurley International, Type-S Urethane, Ace Trucks, $120
  9. Sky Siljeg – Bothell WA USA Vans, Quiksilver, Tracker, Ninja, Khiro, Freestyle, ProTec, SnoCon $80
  10. Brice Niebuhr – Yakima WA USA Creature, Independent, Hurley $80
  11. Rune Glifberg – Copenhagen DEN Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Etnies, Rockstar Energy, Oakley, Skull Candy, Ricta, Independent, Utility
  12. Johnny Turgeson – Medford OR USA Bacon Skateboards, Deckine, Bones, Jacks Board House, Skrotes
  13. Chad Shetler – Dana Point CA USA Lost Clothing, Independent Trucks, Type S, Randoms
  14. Rex Pearson – Albany OR USA Red Cement Skateboards
  15. Shane Bell – Portland OR USA T3, 360 Skateshop
  16. Lance Leisher – Chula Vista CA USA Rebel Skates
  17. Michael O’Friel – Silverdale WA USA Vans, (flow), Triple 8, Imperial Motion, Freestyle Watches, Skatebarn West, Crashpads, Norther Wave, 187 Pads
  18. Aaron Astorga – San Diego CA USA Hurley, Independent, Hosoi Skates, Bones Wheels
  19. Rodolfo Ramos – Cascavel BRA Hurley, Globe Brazil, Type-S
  20. Jesse Nelson – Vitlhalla WA USA Bacon Skateboards, DeKine Shoes, Bones, Sessions, Zola
  21. Josh Sandoval – Fullerton CA USA Scum, Deville Wheels, Emerica and Indy flow
  22. Morgan Burgess – Lebanon OH USA Kronik Energy, Volcom (flow), Alien Workshop (flow), Tracker Trucks, Type-S Urethane, 187 Pads, Randoms, Ninja, Skatopia
  23. Mark Red Scott – Lincoln City OR USA Independent, Power Rider Wheels, M & M Skateboards, Vox Shoes, Skaters for Lincoln City Skateparks
  24. Jimmy The Greek Marcus – Clearwater FL USA Emergency, NSS, Bones, Ace Trucks, Lost, Goodtimes Online, SPOT Party Team
  25. Bubba Al-Hout – Chandler AZ USA Exit Real World, Red Bull
  26. Otavio Neto – Sao Jose Dos Campos BRA Quiksilver, Reef, Oakley, Centra Surf, Posso
  27. Nick Yamasato – Honolulu HI USA Hurley, Blue, Hawaii, 808 Tattoo, Given Skateboards
  28. Will Powers – Medford OR USA Grind TV, World Industries, Bern, 187 Pads, Randoms, ACE, Jfriendly Clthing, Power Balance, Balls Deeps, Black Plague, Ninja
  29. Rob Aaron – Daleville AL USA Addikt Skateboards, Navigator Trucks, Plus Skateshop, Devil 6 Wheels
  30. Danny Tumia – Auburn WA USA DUS, Sector 9, Imperial Motino, Sno Con, One Ball Jay
  31. Nolan Munroe – Rindge NH USA Pioneers Skateshop, Vans, Powell, Bones, Bones Swiss
  32. Martin Jurasek – Havirov CZE DC, Volcom, Zero, Independent,
  33. Rion Linderman – Portland OR USA Adio, Type-S Urethane, Kronik Energy, Acme Skateboards
  34. Michael Ellis – Auburn CA USA Skatebarn West, Marrada Skateboards
  35. Ronnie Yerman – Fontana CA USA Scarecrow Skateboards, Tavik clothing, Monster Energy, Platform Boardshop, Blak Iris Studio
  36. Donovan Rice – Milwaukee WI USA Innes Clothing, M& M Skkateboards, Adidas, Independent
  37. Michael Barnes – Atlantic Beach FL USA Bacon Skateboards, Sunrise Skateshop, SoCo Clothing
  38. Keith Baldassare – Merritt Island FL USA Bern, Pocket Pistols, Cape Surf
  39. Andrew Adams – Portland OR USA Grenade
  40. Kris Reeves – Huntington Beach CA USA Factory Skateboards, Pro-Tec, Attic Skateshop, Rockstar, DC (flow), Affiliated Clothing
  41. John Abernathy – Lytle Creek CA USA Apathetic Skateboards, Dogpile Cloze, Deville Wheels, Scotes
  42. Roberto Gongora – Bend OR USA Supra footwear, Volcom
  43. TJ Lewis – Everett WA USA Rebel Skates, Skatebarn West, 187 Pads
  44. Shane Sheckler – San Clemente CA USA Lost, Draven shoes, Jokers Skateshop
  45. Tommy Werner – Santa Cruz CA USA Santa Cruz Skateboards flow, DC Shoes flow, Krux flow, Bill Wheels Skateshop
  46. Tyler Mumma – Dana Point CA USA Emergency Black Label, Ace Trucks, Type-S Wheels, Von Zipper, Killer Dana, Spitfire, Iron Horse
  47. Skyler Sorenson – Logan UT USA Flux Skateboards, X-Balm
  48. Clayton Hunt – Portland OR USA
  49. Alex Morrell – Jax Beach FL USA Sunrise, Crown Skateboards
  50. Steev Howell – Logsden OR USA Sector 9, Ocean Pulse
  51. Brian Stanfield – McMinnville OR USA Valley Skateshop, Bacon Skateboards
  52. Trevor Osterholt – Sioux City IA USA Bacon, Soladad Clothing
  53. Rocco Caravelli – Portland OR USA Shrunken Head Skateshop
  54. Jed Fuller – Salt Lake City UT USA Flux Skateboards, Salty Peaks Boardshop
  55. Dane Warner – Louisville KY USA Bacon
  56. Shane Allen – Ventura CA USA Sector 9, SRH, Bones flow
  57. Christopher Russell – Hermosa Beach CA USA
  58. Marek Litinsky – Havirov CZE Cold War Skateboards, Kanalizace
  59. Cason Kirk – Atlantic Beach FL USA Deckcrafters, 187 Pads, Bern, Steaz Energy, Skatelab
  60. Brett Sells – Newberg OR Cold War Skateboards
  61. Nick Nelson – Hood River OR USA IPS Skate & Snow
  62. Cory McCowan – Richland OR USA Snowboard Connection
  63. Jake Selover – Bend OR USA Side Effect Boardshop, Phenom Skateboards, Oakley
  64. Edwin Swaggerty – Port Angeles WA USA Vox Shoes, Bacon Skateboards
  65. Dylan Siegfried – Lincoln City OR USA MM Skateboards, Power Rider Wheels
  66. Caleb Cole – Green Water WA USA Skate Barn, Gravity Sports, Sole Tech
  67. Skyler Morgan – Ketchum ID USA Flux Skateboards, J’s Sk8 shop
  68. Josh Rodriguez – Hermosa Beach CA USA Gridlock
  69. Corey Philips – NJ USA 2 Boy Skatelab
  70. Douglas Duff – Portland OR USA Cold War Skateboards
  71. Francizco Penunri – Chino CA USA Spun Skates, Salonpas, Destructo, Active Rideshop, Vans flow, Hits the Spot Media, Type-S flow
  72. Sean Stuart – Tully NY USA IPR Skateshop
  73. Trinity Baublits – Morro Bay CA USA

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