Battle Ground – Julie, Pat and Benji

Trifecta Update - Battle Ground
Battle Ground is a fitting name for the final stop of the 2008 Trifecta. Once again, the skating was insane and the crowd was stoked on the action. A few soldiers went down along the way and we wish them a speedy recovery. Top honors in each division included: Julie Kindstrand in the Ladies, Pat Ngoho in the Masters, and Benji Galloway in the Pro/Am. Check out the winners and more after the turn. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Battle Ground stop in future posts. EPM Out.

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Julie - Cradle @ Battle Ground

Julie Kindstrand – Ladies

Pat - Cradle @ Battle Ground

Pat Ngoho – Masters

Benji - Cradle @ Battle Ground

Benji Galloway – Pro/Am

Skrotes Plus @ Battle Ground


Tim - Interview @ Battle Ground

Tim – Post Event Interview

Creature Feature @ Battle Ground

Creature Feature

Rune - Shade @ Battle Ground

Rune Rocking the Shades

7 Responses to “Battle Ground – Julie, Pat and Benji”

  • Rune looks like a corporate tool meaning that look is just bad like a billboard, I know who am I to talk. Well being a person who appreciates bad looks I can judge. Fun ass week end.

  • why didn’t rune compete at battleground?

  • Reeves as the creature with hair coming out around his mouth… sick in the usual meaning!

  • Doggin’ on Rune looking like a corporate billboard… and Creature?…

  • Rune didn’t compete in Battle Ground, because he screwed his shoulder up at Tigard, I’m pretty sure.

  • Yeah he had a broke shoulder the whole weekend… he’s crazy! WOW I got almost the same hight as noho in the pics that’s sicko! I am stocked that park was so fun it’s my favorite!

  • yeah, Battle Ground is my local park, and I love that place. It’s so fun! especially the four clover pool.

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