Build It and They Will Shred

Chris Miller with a huge frontside air into the pocket - Dew Tour Portland

Hoo haa, that’s one huge air into the pocket courtesy of Chris Miller during this year’s Portland stop of the Dew Tour. Maybe you would like to see more of Chris skating the world’s first portable concrete bowl? Well, you’re in luck; check out videos and results of the legend and pro finals after the turn along with a larger version of Chris’ atmospheric air. EPM “telemetry tracking engaged” Out!

Dew Tour Portland Results: Legends
1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Lance Mountain
4. Tony Magnusson
5. Duane Peters
6. Steve Alba
7. Pat Ngoho
8. Wally Inouye

Dew Tour Portland Results: Pros

1. Bucky Lasek
2. Pedro Barros
3. Andy Macdonald
4. Ben Hatchell
5. Willis Kimbel
6. Sandro Dias
7. Mason Merlino
8. Brad McClain
9. Benji Galloway
10. Ben Raybourn

Chris Miller - Frontside Air into Pocket @ Dew Tour Portland

Chris Miller flying high in Portland (click on image for a larger view)

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