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Benefit Closing

Closing of Art Benefit for Fernhill Skatepark @ Extracto Roasters

Come on over to Extracto Roasters on Saturday afternoon, October 27th from 4-6 p.m., for the closing of the Fernhill Skatepark art benefit. There are still plenty of great photos for purchase and all proceeds go to building another “sick” skatepark here in our fine city. Word has it that the star of GVK will be in attendance along with other skate community folks. Check out the photos on display after the turn. EPM “skate, create, repeat” Out!

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Fernhill Skatepark Benefit at Extracto

Fernhill Skatepark Benefit @ Extracto Coffee House

When the going gets tough, well, the tough get going. It’s time to build more skateparks folks and here’s your opportunity to contribute and/or get involved. On Thursday, Oct. 4th, from 6-8pm come check out over 60 images for sale in support of the Fernhill Skatepark at Extracto Coffee House. Don’t fret, if you can’t make the opening, the art will be up all month and available for purchase. A mere $35 per print with all proceeds going directly to making Fernhill skatepark a reality. What a deal. Check out the flyer and all the images available for sale after the turn. EPM “less prisons, more skateparks” Out!

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Tail Block for Your Thoughts

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 10 - Chris Nukala

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Chris Nukala, garners “proper points” for this stylish frontside tail block at Matt’s bowl. Consistently tearing it up for Team Merde, Chris is always down for shredding the gnar. Check out more pics of the Nukes after the turn.

Congratulations Chris!

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Protex Blue

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 52 - Matt Kline

Stand up grinds with style for miles, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Matt Kline, has ’em on lock. A more humble man you will not find and his high-speed, take no prisoners assault on the coping is pure poetry. Check out a few more pics of Matt and friends shredding his bowl after the turn.

Congratulations Matt!

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Norcon On!

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 19 - Chris Nukala

Echos of 1978 reverberate about Pier Park as this week’s Monday Cover skater, Chris Nukala, lets the air flow through his vintage Norcon. How cool is that? It seems Chris is often down for some unique head wear. Check out a few more pics of Chris shredding his local park after the turn.

Congratulations Chris!

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Floater to Pipe

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 16 - Chris Nukala

Oh yeah, that’s one big air to the back of the pipe at Pier Park courtesy of this week’s Monday Cover skater, Chris “Nukes” Nukala. Finding the speed to that line, let alone landing it is high on the cojones scale. Check out a few more pics of Chris after the turn including three of his prior Monday Covers.

Congratulations Chris!

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Virtuosos of the Corn

Pros - 2008 Trifecta - Battle Ground, WA

Better late than never. Closing out our 2008 Trifecta coverage is the Pro division of the final stop in Battle Ground, WA. The Bacon crew took the top three spots in a heated battle for Corn Cup supremacy. Congratulations Benji, Tim and Kevin, we’ll see you next year. Check out all the action from the Pro division in the gallery.

Pros @ Battle Ground – 2008 Trifecta

See the results after the turn.

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Nukes Detonates at Pier

Monday Cover 48 - Chris Nukala

In addition to triggering every terrorist monitoring web filter with the above title, we present to you Chris “Nukes” Nukala, this week’s Monday Cover skater. If you have skated Pier Park, you know how gnarly it is to get an ollie above the lip on this wall.

Congratulations Chris and keep shreddin’ the gnar.

Look Ma. No Hands….

Chris Nukala - FS No-hand Air over Stairs @ Glenhaven

Check out Chris Nukala’s approach to getting over the stairs in the peanut bowl at Glenhaven. Most people are happy just to carve over the stairs. Not Nukes, he opts for the frontside no-handed air approach. Note that we opted to call it a no-handed air instead of that term that rhymes with jolly. Lawsuits are not our bag. Click on the pic for a closer look.

Peace – EPM Staff

Here for Your Skate Soul – Glenhaven

Glenhaven Art - Jaymeer

Opening day at Glenhaven Skatepark was a great success. This park has something for everyone and based on the smiles, it was done right. Thanks again to the Dreamland crew for another skate gem. Check out some of the images from opening day after the turn.

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