Floater to Pipe

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 16 - Chris Nukala

Oh yeah, that’s one big air to the back of the pipe at Pier Park courtesy of this week’s Monday Cover skater, Chris “Nukes” Nukala. Finding the speed to that line, let alone landing it is high on the cojones scale. Check out a few more pics of Chris after the turn including three of his prior Monday Covers.

Congratulations Chris!

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Chris Nukala - Backside Crail Disaster @ Pier Park

Backside Crail-D a la Nukes

Chris Nukala - Body Jar @ Donald

Body Jar at Donald – First Cover

Chris Nukala - Feeble Grind @ Pier Park

Hurricane at Pier Park – Second Cover

Monday Cover 48 - Chris Nukala

Ollie Steep Corner Wall at Pier Park – Third Cover

Chris Nukala - BS Air to Pipe @ Pier Park

Full frame of cover shot

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