Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch

Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch @ Clinton St. Theater, Portland, OR

Tomorrow night, Thursday August 19th, head over to the Clinton St. Theater for a screening of Supercharged, the life and times of Tim Brauch. There’s an all ages showing at 7pm and for the adult beverage crowd, a 21+ showing at 9pm. Get all the details on the flier after the turn along with a film synopsis and a trailer. EPM “this is going to be the best day ever” Out!

Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch Flier @ Clinton St. Theather, Portland, OR

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Supercharged Trailer

Supercharged, the life and times of Tim Brauch

Produced and Directed by Pete Koff

An inspiring documentary celebrating the life and skateboarding career of the late/great Tim ‘Beans’ Brauch. From the legacy he left behind, to his induction into the Smithsonian Institute.

Film Description:

On May 9, 1999 at the young age of 25, Tim passed away of sudden cardiac arrest.
Tim was a professional skateboarder and an inspirational friend to all who met him. Tim had practically
conquered the skating world and accomplished more than anyone thought possible. The Tim Brauch
Documentary is an inspiring in-depth documentary that celebrates the life of Tim Brauch. Composed by a
community of friends and family, this film explores Tim’s intriguing life. Learn the legend of Tim, who he
was and why he became such a big role model for future generations.

The movie was off the hook, very inspirational story for sure. Tim was awesome and it’s great that his legacy still lives on today, go see this film if you haven’t already… it rocks! -Steve Caballero

website for the film:

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