Midwest Punk + 27 Years Meets Northwest Punk

This weeks installment of YouTube Tuesday focuses on two bands that are similar in their punk music stylings. The first, Dow Jones and the Industrials, was a seminal punk band based in West Lafayette, Indiana in the late 70’s. Their music was danceable, fun and made growing-up in the Midwest a little more interesting. This video was shot sometime in 1979 at the 3rd Base in Indianapolis, IN. Can’t Stand the Midwest!

Now fast forward 27 years and 2,200 miles to Seattle, WA and you find another band similar in their approach to punk. They are…..

The Briefs! These guys put on a great show and they remind me so much of Dow Jones and the Industrials, their stage presence, song topics and just general ability to look like they are genuinely having fun. Here’s Orange Alert.

You can see more videos from Dow Jones and the Industrials as well as The Briefs; just search for them on YouTube.

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