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Archived Interviews

Callin on ColinEpisode 1 - Dave Vierra

Callin on ColinEpisode 2 - Mason Huggins

Callin on ColinEpisode 3 - Jeremy Johnson

Callin on ColinEpisode 4 - George Cutright

Callin on ColinEpisode 5 - Mark Conahan

Callin on ColinEpisode 6 - Steve Grover

Callin on ColinEpisode 7 - Kyle Bunker

Callin on ColinEpisode 8 - Sean Jordan

Callin on ColinEpisode 9 - Oudalay Philavanh

Callin on ColinEpisode 10 - Steven Reeves

Callin on ColinEpisode 11 - Nathan Curry

Callin on ColinEpisode 12 - Rich Burton

Callin on ColinEpisode 13 - Tim Eberly

Callin on ColinEpisode 14 - Brian Rensberry

Callin on ColinEpisode 15 - Daniel Evans

Callin on ColinEpisode 16 - Melissa Dafnos

Callin on ColinEpisode 17 - Johnny Turgesen

Callin on ColinEpisode 18 - Mike Egbert: Part 1

Callin on ColinEpisode 19 - Mike Egbert: Part 2

Callin on ColinEpisode 20 - Frank Faria

Callin on ColinEpisode 21 - Pat Smith

Callin on ColinEpisode 22 - Paul Fujita

Callin on ColinEpisode 23 - Billy Coulon

Callin on ColinEpisode 24 - (Awesome) Dan Kim

Callin on ColinEpisode 25 - Gerric Ray

Callin on ColinEpisode 26 - Ethan Bettencourt

Callin on ColinEpisode 27 - Nate Ling

Callin on ColinEpisode 28 - Mike Barnes

Callin on ColinEpisode 29 - Howard Weiner

Callin on ColinEpisode 30 - Randy Gawlik

Callin on ColinEpisode 31 - Kyle Reynolds

Callin on ColinEpisode 32 - Tom (Wally) Inouye

A little slice of Pacific Northwest skate radio.

Callin’ on Colin on the Move

Callin on Colin Moving to SnA

You might have noticed that Callin’ on Colin has been absent from the airwaves as of recent and all the links to the show archives not working. Well, do not fear our fine skate radio listeners, Colin is in transition. Yep, word has it that Colin is going rogue and will be moving his future shows to Skate and Annoy. What’s a skate radio fan to do in the meantime? Well, we’ve got you covered. That’s right, all 32 episodes of Callin’ on Colin are cached right here on Earth Patrol for your listening enjoyment. So while you wait in anticipation for the second coming of Colin, you can review all of his past shows after the turn. EPM “So how do you know Colin?” Out!

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Callin’ on Colin Meets Grover

Colin and Grover Skating Jack's Ramp

Not since Ali vs. Frazier has there been such a media spectacle. What is it you ask? Why it’s the verbal boxing match of sorts between Colin “Bacon” Sharp and Steve “GVK” Grover. Check out the blow-by-blow action today at 2 p.m. PST on PDX.FM’s radio show Callin’ On Colin. If for some reason, you’re out enjoying the spectacular weather rocking the Northwest and miss the broadcast, no worries, you can catch the show at your leisure after the turn. EPM “Radio Free Portland” Out!

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Callin’ on Coulon

Billy Coulon on Callin' on Colin

Portland skate-radio-fans, it’s time once again to point your interweb rabbit ears in the general direction of Callin’ on Colin. This week’s guest is skate park designer/builder/all-around-shredder and just plain nice guy, Billy Coulon. Get the lowdown on the “Ragin’ Cajun” at 2pm on PDX FM. If you find yourself in need of an immediate Colin-fix, check out last week’s interview with the original trickster Paul Fujita after the turn. EPM “six feet under” Out!

Today’s Live Show

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Ready Player One

Tired of the social media barrage? Tired of the onslaught of information bubbles filled with “alternative facts”? Well, here’s a bit of an alternative site. Welcome to the EPM OASIS, a refuge for skateboarding, music, art and science. Checkout a slice of the EPM OASIS after the turn. EPM “Ernest Cline” Out!

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Tonight: Powell Skatepark Fundraiser

Powell Skatepark Fundraiser Flyer

Head on over to Hopworks Urban Brewery tonight and support of the Powell Blvd. Skatepark. Colin, of Callin’ on Colin fame says

Hopworks is generously donating their space to show off “for sale” Artwork and Photographs by esteemed artists and photographers!

All drinks and food on this day will be profit shared with Skaters for Portland Skateparks to benefit the Powell Blvd. Skatepark project!.

Additionally, we will be having a swap-meet style product sale for new product donated by various sponsors!

See you there!

Wally on the Radio

Tom "Wally" Inouye on Callin' on Colin

So you missed Tom “Wally” Inouye’s live interview on Portland’s very own skate talk radio, Callin’ on Colin. Now what? Well, it’s your lucky day because the folks over at PDX FM have archived it for your listening pleasure. Check it out after the turn and remember to conserve water – drain your pool. EPM “O.G. Pool Riders Rule” Out!

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Where’s Howard?

Howard Weiner on Callin' on Colin

Yes, skate-radio-philes, it’s time for another episode of Callin’ on Colin. This week, Colin talks with long time community/skateboard activist and founder of Cal Skate skate shop, Howard Weiner. Get the lowdown on the “Sultan of Skate Goods” (30+ years and counting) at 2pm on PDX FM. Also, be sure to check out a few of Colin’s past shows featuring Awesome Dan, Gerric Ray, Ethan Bettencourt, Nate Ling and Mike Barnes after the turn. EPM “who listens to the radio” Out!

Today’s Live Show

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We Heart Skaters and Art

Garric Ray and Dee Clark on Earth Patrol

It’s a busy Thursday skater/art fans. First up on the agenda, be sure to catch skater/photographer Garric Ray on this week’s Callin’ on Colin at 2 p.m. on PDX FM. Also, for the more out-and-about crowd, it’s First Thursday and Backspace is the place to be for skater/artist Dee Clark’s art show. All the fun begins at 8 p.m., so skate on down and check it out.

Photo Credits: Garric Ray(l), Rich Burton(r)

Skate Symphonic

Coda Skateboard's Pat Smith on Callin' on Colin

This week’s guest on Callin’ on Colin is Coda Skateboard’s very own Pat Smith. Be sure to listen to it live today on PDX.FM at 2pm. As a bonus, check out last week’s interview with Frank Faria after the turn.

Today’s Live Show

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