Spectrum of Sound – Red

Spectrum of Sound - Red: YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol

March is upon us and Portland, the City of Roses, is trying desperately to shake the fading Winter chill. With that in mind, we get back on track with our Spectrum of Sound series. This week’s color of choice is red and for all you science types out there, that’s about 6500 on the Angstrom dial. See what we found after the turn.

Circle Jerks – Red Tape

Bad Brains – Red Bone in the City

Mission of Burma – Red

Minor Threat – Seeing Red

Replacements – Takin’ a Ride, Staples in Her Stomach & Careless (P.S.: Unable to locate a version of Red, Red Wine)

Red Cross/Redd Kross – Somebody Wants to Love You

Red Rockers – China

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Suck My Kiss (NOTE: NOT LITTLE KID FRIENDLY)

King Crimson – Frame by Frame

Blonde Redhead – 23

Blonde Redhead – Equus

Weezer (Red Album) – Troublemaker

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  • Tommy was 12 years old the night he played that Replacements gig at the Entry! Precocious bastard- that kid rules and needs a book written about him, maybe that’s the title. He used to walk around with ankle weights on all day so he could jump higher at the gig! Some of the best days of my life where when I was too young to be in the club (16-17) and flashing glances at the college gurls.

  • What, no Sammy Haggar?

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