Dynamic Truck Duo: Ace & Indy

Ace and Indy

Always on the prowl for functional equipment, we managed to get our hands on a pair of ACE trucks and thought we would give you a visual side-by-side comparison with Independent trucks. It’s hard to consider riding anything other than Indy’s but the retro-Indy-esk design of the ACE trucks peaked our curiosity. See comparative pics of the trucks after the turn and thanks to Nick over at Daddies Board Shop for the excellent shots.

Each of the pictures below contain an ACE 55 on the left and an Independent 149 on the right. Click on the pics for a larger view.

ACE and Indy - Hanger View

Hanger View – ACE(left), Independent(right)

King Pin View – ACE(left), Independent(right)

ACE and Indy - Side View

Side View – ACE(left), Independent(right)

ACE and Indy - Another Side View

Another Side View – ACE(left), Independent(right)

ACE trucks come in the following sizes: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66 and 77. For those disheartened Indy 159 fans take note of the ACE 55’s. Independent trucks come in the following sizes: 129, 139, 149, 169 and 215.

If anyone has put some grind-time in with ACE trucks, we would enjoy hearing your opinions.

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  • I rode a set. they turn SUPER quick.. and i couldn’t seem to get them tight enough… really weird. I ride my trucks pretty loose but i’m heavy so…? also i swear the axle bent on them but it didn’t effect them really.
    they grind really well – seems like less ‘drag’ on a grind but i think because the surface are (on the new axle) was smaller .

  • I just got a set of 55’s and so far I like them. I’ve been riding Tracker sixtracks for a while now and I never liked Indys. Too slow on grinds and heavy compare to Trackers but so far I like the feel of Ace trucks. They grind really well, turn nice and are lighter than Indys.

  • All Ace Truck sizes are identified by only 2 digits. 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 02, 03. These numbers have no reference to the size of the truck in millimeters.

  • Been super curious about these as well. Read somewhere that they’re a Stage 2 rehash from a former longtime Indy engineer. The lighter weight and chopped&lowered kingpin should be an obvious improvement. Haven’t got the chance to ride em yet—out for a few months with a broken fibula procured at the WW ramp. I think I’ll set up a set of 55’s on the new board come february…

  • got this from another site. My 55’s are exactly the same size as my 161mm sixtracks.
    Model/ Hanger/ Total
    00 98.43 161.93
    11 114.3 177.8
    22 127 190.5
    33 136.53 200.03
    44 146.05 209.55
    55 161.93 225.43
    66 171.45 234.95
    77 187.33 250.83

    Model/ Hanger/ Total
    00 3 7/8″ 6 3/8″
    11 4 1/2″ 7″
    22 5″ 7 1/2″
    33 5 3/8″ 7 7/8″
    44 5 3/4″ 8 1/4″
    55 6 3/8″ 8 7/8″
    66 6 3/4″ 9 1/4″
    77 7 3/8″ 9 7/8″

  • One thing they didn’t need to copy from Indy was having numbers that don’t match up with the measurements. Indy’s are like that too. Don’t believe me? Read “Built to Grind”

    I don’t understand the logic in carrying on that way.

  • are the base plates solid or sold…i mean hollowed out?

  • The base plates are solid with exception of a MFG stamp on the bottom of the plate.

  • I haven’t heard anything but bad press about any metal coming out of China. Not only do they have horrible environmental laws, but they also do not regulate the grade of said metal coming out of the factories.

    They look like anything coming out of that country….. cheap


  • Been riding them for a few months and they are great. They turn like Indy’s use to, something I missed. The lower kingpin is nice for grinds. Also it is nice to support a skater owned company, when was the last time any of the higher ups at Indy went out and skated? If you want trucks that turn, are light weight, grind good and skater owned you can’t go wrong.

  • I used to ride indies right untill i heard about these new ace trucks that just came out ive had mine for about 4 months and they are great. they grind better than indies, and dont get hung up on smiths. They are far better than independents when it comes to turning and you can ride them loose than indies. I also enjoy it only takes a hour to break them in unlike indies. There lighter as well, and sleeker. If you havent had a pair you should try a pair. The best trucks ive ever ridden

  • I had a pair of 33s but they ground down and broke on the hanger really easy so I went and got a new set of stage 10s. The baseplate is like a stage 8 but lighter and the stage 9 hangar is super strong and light enough. I would rathar have trucks that last.

  • i dont care what anyone says, ride the best fuck the rest, independent trucks are the best and its all i will ever ride, i see no point on trying to compare something that has no comparison, they may be heavier but, all independent trucks have a lifetime guarantee, and you know the trucks are good because they have the best team.

  • ace for life kidds! skate and destroy~!

  • I am an Indy rider, though I like many other companies for trucks. I have noticed a lot of skaters switching from Indy to Ace. Nobody switches away from Indy in large numbers but ACE seems to have captured the Indy set. With the head of ACE being a former Indy team manager, that answers my question. Really nothing better than a current skater designing a truck. Only in Santa Cruz do I see a complete loyalty to Indy for the popular grinding street skate style where skateboards are a major form of student transportation.

  • I’ve ridden Indys for 22 years and I love them but….Ace are better.

  • I purchased Ace 66’s about 9months ago and have ridden them about 4 sessions per week. I have been riding pools, parks , and ramps for over 35 years. I started riding Indy’s in 1979 and horded the 169’s that I could find in the early 90’s, but since I have mounted the Ace’s I have not even rode my old Indy 169 since. The Ace’s are just a better turning, grinding and designed truck. Actually they remind me of the old Indy 169’s that I had before Indy beefed them up.

  • I’ve had a pair of 44’s for several months. I got them set up and the hanger looked like it was bent before I even rode them. My wheels didn’t wear any more on the inside like you’d expect if they where bent. But after a while I took the wheels off to check and sure enough on a flat surface the hanger rolled slightly back and forth. Its probably not enough to affect how my wheels wear down but it bugs the hell out of me. Thinking about going back to indy because of that.

  • anybody know about the kingpins and skate stairs? Indy kingpins always break on me

  • ace’s are rad,long time indy rider but i made the switch-unparalled quality. they turn so good. the bushings suck so put some powell bushings. Also have problems with the pivot cups-no biggie-just replace them. (i also ride my trucks retardedly loose). The 44’s are what indy’s should be-never switching back

  • here is the deal with the “bent” look of the hanger

    the axel itself inside the hanger is not bent – the hanger appears to be bent because there is more metal in the middle of the hanger – and less on the edges – this does 2 things – 1 it gives you more grindable material in the middle where you often grind through first, and it eleminates extra weight by not having a bunch of extra metal at the edges – lets face it no truck lasts forever anyway – and i have broken just about every kind of truck made with a few exceptions because i didnt ride them long enough. but this truck seems like it turns and handles better than indys. as for grinding i cant tell any real difference, but i havent had them on every surface out there. they are lighter for sure and feel more “balanced”. the bushings suck but are passable for a while and they are hard to get that “supported feeling” causing you to over tighten your trucks. if you can recall the old “raliegh” trucks from the 80’s with the checkered flags on the base plates i would say they are very much like that in turning. i have not broken a king pin yet but im just riding ramps for the most part – but they seem like they would breakem easy as most tight turning trucks do. i have never had the love afair with any truck like some people get and if i did it would not be with indy when i think both venture and thunder make a better product but i like indys just fine. these trucks are for sure looking into tho – especially if you are lighter and ride your trucks loose.

  • Joey tershay worked at independent for a Long time. I guess he left to start ace trucks with Steve ruge aka shrewgy.

  • I’m currently on ACE’s 44, and they have an incredible flow ! Sweet comfortable surfy turns, they feel light ,and grind super smooth.
    In other words, They feel like if they where made for me !!!

    LOVE the functional design of the hanger itself .
    My hats off to Joey Tershay and Shrewgy

  • I have to say ACE 44’s are my truck of choice these days. I concur Roadrider4, ACE trucks are super functional and your feedback is spot on. One concern has been their availability in our local skate shops. I’ve been looking for a set of ACE 55’s for a Caster deck that I have to no avail.

  • for all you people out there who asked if they skate well on stairs and hand rails, they do. i have skated mine for quite a while, enough to gouge them pretty well, and they still preform well, if not better than i first got them. i did swap the bushings for some soft bones hardcore bushings. these trucks are like a fine cheese, they just get better with age!

  • tony balogny hit the nail on the head with the “bent look” dealie. They’re not bent kids. I would prefer they were made in the US, but like most things we buy, the manufacturer can’t afford to set up production here and make a profit. For everyone who says they turn better then indys, I 100% agree. If you like a snappy, responsive turn, these trucks are for you. I have been riding my 44’s for about 2 years now. I recently set up a backup board with indy 169’s and couldn’t believe how sluggishly they handled. Indys and Aces turn very different. You either like one or the other. I’ll ride these trucks as long as they keep making them.

  • ACE f&#!ing rule the underworld, wastelands, and the heavens…

    better than whatever else, c 4 yo self

    No wannabe’s frontin’ da ACE Trucks – cuz you won’t find an ACE shirt or gear at Ross Dress For Less

    P.S. Can ur truck company’s owner slappy any curb?..

  • I came back to skating bought some trackers and than switched to indies and than to ACE 66’s. Ace is the best fuck the rest. If you don’t try them out of loyalty than your an idiot! Truck company’s don’t give a shit about you! Ride what works best for you!!!!ACE

  • These are some sick trucks! I threw some Khiro bitchin bushings on these things and that just made the best ride through the transitions especially prepping for some air. It is a little weird using newish hardware but these are rock solid.

  • Ya know the problems with current Indy’s is that the kingpin/nut is where the grinding surface is and the problem with Trackers is that no matter what they claim to do differently with them is that that they just don’t turn like Indy’s. Now there’s a truck (like Trackers) where the kingpin is away from the direct grinding surface and on the same truck turns like Indy’s. Perhaps you can even put a Grind Kingpin in it? No matter where they are produced I predict they will sell better than any truck on the market until somebody else makes a better truck or buys them out.

  • Love these trucks! I never liked the newer Indy’s but really liked the older stages of them. I switch to Trackers for awhile and then just started getting a different brand of trucks every couple of months. They were all good trucks but non of them had that good feel I use to get from my old Indy’s. And then I heard about ACE trucks and gave them a try. I’m totally hooked on them, somehow the turn more than Indy’s but are less jumpy, there similar to the old Indy’s but ACE has there own thing going on. They look bad-ass also. I did have to change the bushings, the bushings they come with are good but extra soft. These trucks ROCK!!

  • I’ve been skating Independents since 84 and have been skating since 76. A buddy of mine who I ride pools with gave me a set of Ace 66s for my PPs Jokers Pool……He wrecked me on Indys…Aces turn amazing…I’m serious they carry speed through the bowls like no other truck. I’ve always been an “Indy for life” kind of dude but Aces are fucking awesome. I still have 7 other sets of Indys so I’m not totally going to ignore them but the Aces are on my daily driver. They rip.

  • Aces turn better then any truck in the world. Its like an indy with the tilted axle (which makes it turn amazing) and then all the extra useless bulk is shaved away to make them light. They dont ride well tight. They feel loose but the bushings are made to impede any wheel bite even on the harshest turns. I put bones soft bushings in my aces and ate shit wheel biting before putting the ace bottom bushing and washer back on the kingpin.

    I have 33s and am getting 44s

  • If you like a responsive truck with amazing turn, these are the way to go. I still skate a bit of street, so I replace the stock bushings with bones hardcores. If you skate mostly ramps I’d say the stock bushings are good to go. Solid dudes running the shit, skater owned. Been skating them since ’08, not looking back. 44’s for life!

  • I’m about to swich for ace trucks.. i’ve read all your comments and i think i’ll buy a pair of 44′

  • Long time Indy riding. I have been rocking the Ace 55’s for the past year. Find the Ace’s have a quicker turn on the lean than Indy’s, took me a little bit to get used to. I like that I can ride them a little tighter and get a quicker turn out of them as well.

  • Up date from former review. ACE trucks do bend badly! Love the way they turn but have bent 5 sets (note, ACE always did Replace them). They’re the only trucks I want to ride but they keep bending on me so going back to Indi’s. If they ever get the bending axles fixed I’ll be the first inline for some.

  • Best truck ever! Coming from riding Indys about two years ago when I first seen these I knew I had to have them and I had everyone telling me “don’t get them they will waste fast or break easy” I didn’t care what they said I still got them. Currently skatin on some red 55s not looking back to Indy never have! Turn way better than Indys any day! Stock bushings are great you just have to break them in your in heaven! ACE FOR LIFE!

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