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Floating Fujita

Monday Cover 45 - Paul Fujita

This week’s Monday Cover is Paul Fujita, skater and artist extraordinaire. If ever there was an all around ambassador for skating and art in this fine city, Paul is at the top of the list. Check out the style in this frontside ollie to tail slide. Sick! See more tweaked-out action after the turn….

Congratulations Paul!

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Callin’ on Colin

Archived Interviews

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A little slice of Pacific Northwest skate radio.

Brooklyn Street to Cal Skate

K.C. Videos - Brooklyn Street, Cal Skate, Commonwealth

The weather is improving, outdoor sessions are increasing, and K.C.’s camera is rolling. Action! First up, last weekend’s session at Brooklyn Street Skate Spot followed by Paul Fujita getting his game of skate on at Cal Skate. Note the bonus footage at Commonwealth Skateboarding as well. Check it out after the turn. EPM “here we go” Out.

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Callin’ on Colin on the Move

Callin on Colin Moving to SnA

You might have noticed that Callin’ on Colin has been absent from the airwaves as of recent and all the links to the show archives not working. Well, do not fear our fine skate radio listeners, Colin is in transition. Yep, word has it that Colin is going rogue and will be moving his future shows to Skate and Annoy. What’s a skate radio fan to do in the meantime? Well, we’ve got you covered. That’s right, all 32 episodes of Callin’ on Colin are cached right here on Earth Patrol for your listening enjoyment. So while you wait in anticipation for the second coming of Colin, you can review all of his past shows after the turn. EPM “So how do you know Colin?” Out!

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Callin’ on Coulon

Billy Coulon on Callin' on Colin

Portland skate-radio-fans, it’s time once again to point your interweb rabbit ears in the general direction of Callin’ on Colin. This week’s guest is skate park designer/builder/all-around-shredder and just plain nice guy, Billy Coulon. Get the lowdown on the “Ragin’ Cajun” at 2pm on PDX FM. If you find yourself in need of an immediate Colin-fix, check out last week’s interview with the original trickster Paul Fujita after the turn. EPM “six feet under” Out!

Today’s Live Show

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Original Trickster

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 18 - Paul Fujita

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Paul Fujita, takes full advantage of good weather during his day off. The bioswale gap at Ed Benedict was no match for the original trickster and his lofty ollies. Check out more pics of Paul going full-Fujita on the park after the turn.

Congratulations Paul!

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Broken Transformation

Paul Fujita - FuelTV Profile

The folks from FuelTV did a little segment on skateboarding artist, Paul Fujita and his creative use of broken skate decks. Paul is a fixture in the local skate and art scene here in Portland and has found a creative way to merge two of his passions. Check out Paul’s segment after the turn.

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Altered Skates

The Life Gallery - August Show: Altered Skates

August First Thursday has come and gone but it’s not too late to check out Altered Skates at The Life gallery; a group show with a wide range of art related to skateboarders and skateboarding. Some of the artists include Jesse Reno, Caveman, The Colonel, Paul Fujita, Daymon Ayres, Ryan Bodiroga, Tyler Cole and many more. I submitted a few 3D lenticular photographs to the mix as well, see images above. The installation is open for viewing during the following times: Fridays(noon-5pm) and Sundays(1pm-5pm) at The Life Gallery, 625 NW Everett Street #107, Portland, OR, phone: 971.544.1365.

Slide Into Art

Keith Rosson and Paul Fujita

How about a little art with some sick slide action? Well, we’ve got you covered. For the art portion of the post, check out Keith Rosson’s show opening tonight at The Life. We dig his work and think you might enjoy it as well. As for that sick slide action we promised, check out Paul Fujita’s wizardry at Glenhaven below.

Stumptown Skate: A Historical Perspective

Stumptown Skate: A Historical Perspective; Art by Bettina McEntyre

Our friend Bettina is one of the featured artists at Portland City Hall’s First Thursday show. That’s today, August 2nd at Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th. Show time is 5-8pm. There’s free food and drink, a mini-ramp out front and some great art by great artists.

Artists include:

Also be sure to check out these related events:

Skate Film Fest at the Mission Theater, 1624 Glisan, Friday, August 3rd @ 9:30pm.

Skate Rock Show at the Mt. Tabor Legacy, 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Saturday, August 4th @ 9 pm. Bands include: Clay Wheels – Yes, Father – Piss Boner – The Grindline Band – The Marginal Way Band

Thanks to AST Dew Tour, Adidas, Shrunken Heads Skate Shop and Ben Wixon.

Update: Check out some pics from the event over at Skate and Annoy and Antigravity Press.