Wally on the Radio

Tom "Wally" Inouye on Callin' on Colin

So you missed Tom “Wally” Inouye’s live interview on Portland’s very own skate talk radio, Callin’ on Colin. Now what? Well, it’s your lucky day because the folks over at PDX FM have archived it for your listening pleasure. Check it out after the turn and remember to conserve water – drain your pool. EPM “O.G. Pool Riders Rule” Out!

Podcast: Wally blowin’ up on the radio

Callin on ColinTom 'Wally' Inouye Interview - Callin' on Colin

5 Responses to “Wally on the Radio”

  • Tom is a true Living Legend. Still the Master of any Pool and my Inspiration and Hero…………………..
    Yea Wally !

  • When he was running IPS he talked about doing more slalom contests like the one held at West Linn earlier this year at places like Irrigon and Aumsville.

    Now that IPS has been handed over and Skate Legion is no more, is there any chance that this contest circuit will continue?

  • This is really Cool Wally. You have great stories and I for one have learned a ton from you. Thanks!

  • hey colin, the short jokes suck.

  • Wally is the man son!!

    as Mellowcat would say, “RAD-E-KAL-MON”

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