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Hupp’s Halloween at Burnside

Dave Hupp's Halloween at Burnside courtesy of Strangenotes

Coming in hot and ready for your review, Dave Hupp’s latest video creation via Strangenotes, Halloween at Burnside. Peep it after the turn. EPM “skate lingua franca” Out!

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Jaymeer-icals at Burnside

Burnside Skatepark

Each year, prior to the Halloween Burnside session, local Seattle/Portland artist Jaymeer turns the skatepark into his canvas. His Thrasher-like cover art on the bank wall is genius and is the backdrop for many of this week’s Foto-Friday shots. Check out all the shots after the turn including K.C.’s Burnside Halloween photos.

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Bars and Stripes

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 33 - Hunter Okano

The election has come and gone along with the 22nd Burnside Halloween celebration. Exercising his freedom to shred is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Hunter Okano. That’s one sick lien to disaster on the punk wall. Check out more pics along with a video of Hunter making a break for it after the turn.

Congratulations Hunter!

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Skate Trinity

Ghost of SnA: GVK Burnside 2009, 2007 and Spook Park

We have it on good authority that Skate and Annoy is about to rise from the blog dead. While you wait for the prophecy to be fulfilled, we thought you might enjoy a Grover’s Video Korner triple feature that includes Burnside Halloween 2009, 2007 and Spook Park. Check out all the GVK Halloween action after the turn. EPM “along with AGP, waiting for SnA’s return” Out!

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I’m Eighteen

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 51 - Rion Linderman

Alice Cooper made the anthem and the Burnside crew made the shrine. Check out this week’s Monday Cover skater, Rion “Scissorhands” Linderman, as he liens one in leather during the Halloween anniversary celebration at Burnside. That’s one great costume for trimming bush(es). Also, a big thanks to Shawn Reinert for the great Burnside photos. See more photos after the turn.

Congratulations Rion and Happy 18th Burnside!
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Shadows on Sacred Ground

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 34 - Ian McMartin

Backlit by afternoon sunlight, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Ian McMartin, floats a sweet ollie shifty to fakie during the Showdown on Sacred Ground at Burnside. You might remember Ian as the skating mattress/cloud from last year’s Halloween celebration. Check out a few more pics of Ian’s ollie “shifty” to fakie after the turn.

Congratulations Ian!

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Magical Symbiotic Skate Environment

Burnside 20 Year Celebration on Earth Patrol

The current Burnside Bridge opened to traffic in 1926. Jump ahead to current times, and this 84 year-old bridge provides refuge to the now 20 year-old Burnside Skatepark. Each year, on Halloween, skaters don costumes and flock to the skatepark to celebrate in this magical symbiotic skate environment. Check out a few pics from this year’s celebration under the bridge after the turn along with a few bonus videos from BK and GVK.

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An Evening with Dave Hupp

Dave Hupp Photography Show and Burnside 20-Year Skate Session Video Premier

Tomorrow night at Berbati’s Pan, Dave Hupp will be premiering some ultra fresh video of this year’s Halloween Burnside skate session. While you are there, be sure to check out Dave’s photography show featuring images taken over the last 20 years at Burnside; now that’s commitment. Check out all the details on the flier after the turn. EPM “skate and create” Out!

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Skate Solidarity

20 Year Anniversary - Burnside Skate Park

The Burnside crew is working on a capsule bowl addition to the park in preparation for the 20 year anniversary and they need your help in the form of donations. It’s easy, just click the massive Burnside donate button after the turn and be sure to check out the flier for this year’s Halloween festivities. EPM “skater design/build” Out!

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Back Against the Wall

Burnside Birthday Celebration - 19 Years

One of the best skate sessions on the planet goes down every October 31st under the Burnside bridge. It’s the annual Burnside Birthday/Halloween bash. As usual, the skating and folk’s Halloween costumes were spot on. Check out the action in the gallery including a bonus gallery from Shawn “Little Bob” Reinert. Cheers to Burnside for 19 years of concrete skate therapy.

Burnside Birthday and Halloween Bash – 19 Years