Magical Symbiotic Skate Environment

Burnside 20 Year Celebration on Earth Patrol

The current Burnside Bridge opened to traffic in 1926. Jump ahead to current times, and this 84 year-old bridge provides refuge to the now 20 year-old Burnside Skatepark. Each year, on Halloween, skaters don costumes and flock to the skatepark to celebrate in this magical symbiotic skate environment. Check out a few pics from this year’s celebration under the bridge after the turn along with a few bonus videos from BK and GVK.

Gallery: 20 Year Halloween Celebration @ Burnside

Bonus Video of 20 Year Burnside Celebration courtesy of BK and GVK

Burnside Skatepark’s 20th Birthday Halloween Celebration from Bryce ‘BK’ Kanights on Vimeo.

Burnside 2010 Hallowenis Skateboys from Steve ‘GVK’ Grover on YouTube.

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