I’m Eighteen

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 51 - Rion Linderman

Alice Cooper made the anthem and the Burnside crew made the shrine. Check out this week’s Monday Cover skater, Rion “Scissorhands” Linderman, as he liens one in leather during the Halloween anniversary celebration at Burnside. That’s one great costume for trimming bush(es). Also, a big thanks to Shawn Reinert for the great Burnside photos. See more photos after the turn.

Congratulations Rion and Happy 18th Burnside!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Rion - Layback Air @ Burnside

Layback insanity

Rion as Edward Scissorhands @ Burnside

Costume check

Jaymeer Art @ Burnside

Jaymeer immersing himself into his art

Rion - Lien @ Burnside

Full frame of Monday Cover

Burnside Halloween Celebration Photos by Shawn Reinert

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