Treading Well

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 35 - Chip Treadwell

The words “tread lightly” are stamped in the concrete at Ed Benedict. This week’s Monday Cover skater not only treads lightly but he treads well. Who is it? Why it’s none other than BK’s doppelganger, Chip Treadwell. In addition to shredding the gnar with moves like this ollie-180 over a rock gap, Chip has impeccable taste in t-shirts. Check out more pics of Chip killing it after the turn.

Congratulations Chip!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Chip - FS Smith @ Ed Benedict

Smooth smith grind

Chip - Feeble @ Ed Benedict


Chip - Ollie 180 Stairs @ Ed Benedict

Ollie-180 down stairs

Chip - 5-0 Bench @ Ed Benedict

5-0 on bench

Chip - 5-0 Half-pipe @ Ed Benedict

5-0 in half-pipe

Chip - Ollie 180 Rock Gap @ Ed Benedict

Full frame of cover shot

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