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Ollie Airs by Steve Grover

Grover FS Ollie Film Strip
So I can’t remember how long I have been doing front and backside-ollies. But I do remember wanting to copy Adam Luxford’s ollies at Stone Edge in Florida circa 1990. That kid was doing them waist to chest high and covering four sheets no problem. I also copied this guy Larry from Virginia Beach. He would do huge B-side and F-side ollies. I know I learned the B-side ollie from Bill Fergueson around ’91. Modern Skate and Surf [of Michigan] did a 24hr skate benefit for the school of the blind. I remember sitting on the deck while the good guys were riding ( Tocco, O.P. Moore Mank, Scott Werner, Danforth) just to name a few, many more were in attendance. Fergueson had the B-side ollie wired. I saw his secret and stole it. Now I can do them.

A ollie is basically a giant kick turn. It is truly that simple. Here’s how the ollie air is done.

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Grover Up and Over

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 11 - Steve Grover

Spring is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. What better way to celebrate the season than with a pole jam at the newly opened Estacada skatepark courtesy of this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover. The Dreamland crew has put another great skatepark on the map and it’s fun as heck to skate. The locals are stoked to say the least. Check out more photos of Grover getting his own stoke after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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Grover meets Madonna

Steve Grover - Madonna @ Battle Ground

So you say you’ve been itching to increase the size of your trick bag? Might we suggest the Madonna as demonstrated by the ever humble Steve “GVK” Grover. Peep the video after the turn. EPM “desperately seeking sunshine” Out!

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Callin’ on Colin Meets Grover

Colin and Grover Skating Jack's Ramp

Not since Ali vs. Frazier has there been such a media spectacle. What is it you ask? Why it’s the verbal boxing match of sorts between Colin “Bacon” Sharp and Steve “GVK” Grover. Check out the blow-by-blow action today at 2 p.m. PST on PDX.FM’s radio show Callin’ On Colin. If for some reason, you’re out enjoying the spectacular weather rocking the Northwest and miss the broadcast, no worries, you can catch the show at your leisure after the turn. EPM “Radio Free Portland” Out!

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St. Grover’s Day?

Steve Grover - BS Air @ Pier Park

Well, maybe not Saint but it was Grover’s day. Monday Covers are upon us and Mr. O’Grover looks for his pot of gold in the deep at Pier Park. Some say Pier Park is the pot of gold.

Congratualtions Steve!

Callin’ on Colin

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A little slice of Pacific Northwest skate radio.

Wizard of the Wood

Monday Cover Vol. 7 Issue 8 - Steve Grover

Floating an ollie on his Sorcery stick is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover. That’s one refined frontside ollie. On the mend from a broken left arm, it’s good to see Steve back in the mix. Check out a few more pics of Steve rehabbing on the vert after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo

Monday Cover Vol. 7 Issue 3 - Steve Grover

Truck on out and spread the news! It’s this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover getting a little rock-n-roll hoochie koo in the Sisters pool. A broken left arm doesn’t stop old Steve from doin’ the concrete boogie. Check out a few more pics of Steve after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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No Foolin’

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 45 - Steve Grover

April has arrived and along with it, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover. Doing Warren Bolster proud, Steve knows how to dress for success. That’s one sweet invert in the Treasure Bowl twilight. Check out a few more pics of Steve shredding in his seresucker ensemble after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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Bars and Stripes

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 33 - Hunter Okano

The election has come and gone along with the 22nd Burnside Halloween celebration. Exercising his freedom to shred is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Hunter Okano. That’s one sick lien to disaster on the punk wall. Check out more pics along with a video of Hunter making a break for it after the turn.

Congratulations Hunter!

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