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5 Frames – Goofy and Regular

Shawn Reinert and Mark Conahan - Corner Airs @ Pier Park

What you, what you want? Corner airs at Pier Park? You’ve got it. Check out Shawn and MC reconnecting with an old friend after the turn.

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Round’em Up

Christian Linderman - Rodeo @ Winston

So you’ve been itching to add something new to your bag of tricks? Well, here’s one for your consideration; a rodeo courtesy of Christian Linderman. Check out the sequence for all the nuances and don’t forget your dimenhydrinate.

Rodeo by Christian Linderman

Broken Transformation

Paul Fujita - FuelTV Profile

The folks from FuelTV did a little segment on skateboarding artist, Paul Fujita and his creative use of broken skate decks. Paul is a fixture in the local skate and art scene here in Portland and has found a creative way to merge two of his passions. Check out Paul’s segment after the turn.

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Andrecht by Mark Conahan

Andrecht by Mark Conahan

Here it is folks, your very own private lesson on how-to-do an Andrecht courtesy of Mark Conahan. What’s an Andrecht? Well, it’s an invert grabbed just behind the heel of your front foot as opposed to a regular invert that is grabbed between your feet along the toe edge of your board. Confused? Well, check out a sequence and Mark’s annotated, frame-by-frame break-down to help wrap your mind around this trick.

Thanks Mark.

Skate Soldiers

Josef and Dan @ Newberg

The mid-Oregon Valley contingent of Team Cold War did some skateboarding at Newberg last week. Check out some pics and sequences of Josef and Dan earning their stripes.

Hurricane Lui

Aaron Lui @ Battle Ground

Yep, it’s hurricane season and Aaron Lui shows us how it’s done. Check out a hurricane sequence, more photos and Aaron’s GVK video after the turn.

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Hip, Pocket, Hip, Pocket

Shawn - Hip to Pocket @ Battle Ground

Here’s your new line for the week, frontside hip-to-pocket air at Battle Ground. Check out the following two sequences of Shawn Reinert as he demonstrates. Anyone remember Plastic Man?

Hip to Hood

Johnny Turgesen - Hip to Hood @ Battle Ground

Earlier this week, we posted about riding the back of the cradle at Battle Ground. Well, yesterday, Johnny Turgesen showed us his line on the cradle back. Sick, sick, sick. Yep, completely ill. Check out the full sequence below.

Sliding Snake Lips

Sky - RnR Board Slide @ Lincoln City

Look what we found. It’s the fearless boy wonder, Sky, slithering across the lip of the recently finished Lincoln City snakerun. Check out these two rock-n-roll board slide sequences of Sky. When you see the snakerun in person, you will understand how gnar of move this is.

Dino Disaster

Billy - BS Disaster on T-Rex @ Tigard

Based on our current science, we believe it’s been about sixty-five million years since T-Rex walked the planet. As a tribute to the dino’s demise, Billy show’s us his interpretation of a dino disaster(click pic). How cool is that? See the sequence below: