Toxic Rain

Rain Avoidance Session @ Toxic Skates

It’s been a bit wet here in the Northwest and folks are looking for dryer skate climates. Case in point, Northwest skate-n-blog heads, AGP MC, GVK Grover, and SnA Kilwag found some solace in the friendly confines of Toxic Skates. Check out all the nearly shredding action after the turn. EPM “old dudes in the bowl” Out!

Click on an image for a larger view.

MC - FS Grind Extension @ Toxic Skates

MC grinding the extension

Grover - Polka Rock to Fakie @ Toxic Skates

Grover going all polka style on a fakie rock

Randy - BS Kick Extension @ Toxic Skates

Randy pushing middle age knees to the limit

Skate Coach GVK @ Toxic Skates

Skate coach GVK taking some time with a local

Randy - BS 5-0 @ Toxic Skates

Randy full on Lemmy 5-0

Grover - Rock-n-Roll @ Toxic Skates

Grover working on that DP-like back foot placement mid-RnR

MC - FS Kick Block Wall @ Toxic Skates

Going for the block count, MC boosts one

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