Pier Park is Two

Pier Park - 2nd Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of Pier Park’s opening and it looks like the weather is perfect for skating. So here’s to you Pier Park and all your concrete glory; cheers! Now check out some pics of MC getting some love from the park earlier this summer and then head on out and get some for yourself.

Thanks MC for the art as well as your skatepark advocacy.

MC - Peering Through Door @ Pier Park

Peering at Pier

MC - FS Invert @ Pier Park

Door framing one of MC’s frontside inverts

MC - Rolling The Door @ Pier Park

Hauling ass into the pipe

MC - FS Invert @ Pier Park

Pipe framing of of MC’s frontside inverts

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Video from last year’s celebration

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  • Happy Birthday Pier!
    Wish I could get down there today, if only they’d put in that SEA-PDX bullet train. Celebration session this weekend?

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