Two Skate Gems

Matt’s Bowl and Jacksonville Skatepark

We arrived at Matt’s early Friday afternoon and sessioned his recently finished backyard kidney topped off with Tedder’s finest. This bowl is fun and Matt kills it. After sweating for a couple of hours in the 90 degree plus heat, we headed for Jacksonville for an early evening session. Long story short, Jacksonville is super fun. Big walls, fast lines and a wide channel for the avid gap master. Check out all the action after turn.

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Matt’s Bowl

Matt - Layback @ Matt’s Bowl

Matt laying it back

MC - FS Air @ Matt’s Bowl

MC airs in the deep

Matt - FS 5-0 @ Matt’s Bowl

Matt cranking a frontside grind

Shawn - BS Air @ Matt’s Bowl

Shawn goes method

MC - FS Air @ Matt’s Bowl

MC in a familiar moment

Matt - 50-50 @ Matt’s Bowl

Matt and his 50-50 shadow

Shawn - FS Air @ Matt’s Bowl

Shawn flapping some tail

Matt - FS Air @ Matt’s Bowl

Matt bones one at his home base

MC - FS Grind @ Matt’s Bowl

MC grinding some Tedder blocks

Northwest View of Matt’s Bowl

Kidney in the afternoon sun


Overview of Jacksonville

Looking North at Jacksonville

Overview of Jacksonville

Looking West at Jacksonville

Shawn - FS Channel Air @ Jacksonville

Shawn over the channel

MC - Channel Attempt @ Jacksonville

MC working on the line over the channel

Shawn - Frigid Channel Air @ Jacksonville

Shawn with a frigid channel air

MC - FS Channel Air @ Jacksonville

MC pulls the trigger to success

Shawn - Throne of ‘Crete @ Jacksonville

Throne of ‘Crete for King of the Gap

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