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Tim Eberly on Callin' on Colin

This week’s guest on Callin’ on Colin was Tim Eberly. Be sure to listen to the podcast of the show courtesy of PDX FM. Get the lowdown after the turn. EPM “skate softly and carry a big bag of tricks” Out!

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Callin’ on Colin

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A little slice of Pacific Northwest skate radio.

Team Rep-ing

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 47 - Brice Niebuhr

Going full frontal at Windells is this week’s Monday Cover skater and honorary member of Team Rep-ing, Brice Niebuhr. Talk about style, Brice has it on lock. Check out a few more pics of Brice shredding the gnar at Windells after the turn.

Congratulations Brice!

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Benefit Closing

Closing of Art Benefit for Fernhill Skatepark @ Extracto Roasters

Come on over to Extracto Roasters on Saturday afternoon, October 27th from 4-6 p.m., for the closing of the Fernhill Skatepark art benefit. There are still plenty of great photos for purchase and all proceeds go to building another “sick” skatepark here in our fine city. Word has it that the star of GVK will be in attendance along with other skate community folks. Check out the photos on display after the turn. EPM “skate, create, repeat” Out!

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Fernhill Skatepark Benefit at Extracto

Fernhill Skatepark Benefit @ Extracto Coffee House

When the going gets tough, well, the tough get going. It’s time to build more skateparks folks and here’s your opportunity to contribute and/or get involved. On Thursday, Oct. 4th, from 6-8pm come check out over 60 images for sale in support of the Fernhill Skatepark at Extracto Coffee House. Don’t fret, if you can’t make the opening, the art will be up all month and available for purchase. A mere $35 per print with all proceeds going directly to making Fernhill skatepark a reality. What a deal. Check out the flyer and all the images available for sale after the turn. EPM “less prisons, more skateparks” Out!

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Callin’ on Colin on the Move

Callin on Colin Moving to SnA

You might have noticed that Callin’ on Colin has been absent from the airwaves as of recent and all the links to the show archives not working. Well, do not fear our fine skate radio listeners, Colin is in transition. Yep, word has it that Colin is going rogue and will be moving his future shows to Skate and Annoy. What’s a skate radio fan to do in the meantime? Well, we’ve got you covered. That’s right, all 32 episodes of Callin’ on Colin are cached right here on Earth Patrol for your listening enjoyment. So while you wait in anticipation for the second coming of Colin, you can review all of his past shows after the turn. EPM “So how do you know Colin?” Out!

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Yellow Sun Superpowers

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 26 - Tim Eberly

It seems this week’s Monday Cover skater, Tim Eberly, might hail from Krypton with moves like this one. That’s one lofty ollie over the hip at West Linn. Mild mannered minus the black frame glasses while pulling super feats of dexterity, that’s Tim. Check out a few more pics of Tim shredding about after the turn.

Congratulations Tim!

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Hip to It Dude!

Tim Eberly and Wally @ West Linn Park Slalom 2010

Here’s a snap from yesterday’s park slalom event at West Linn. Wally “fans out” on Tim Eberly floating over the hip. Good times. Thanks to Skate Legion, Mike Estes, Tom “Wally” Inouye, and crew for some skateboarding fun in the sun. Check out a larger image after the turn.

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Giving Back

Bacon Donation to Wendells

The gents over at Bacon Skateboards donated 30 complete decks to Windells for this year’s batch of skate campers. Campers will have free access to these boards during their stay at the camp. How cool is that?

Each board was lovingly assembled by the folks at Bacon including some sweet grip tape work by Tim Eberly. Here’s the list of sponsors and their contributions:

Check out a small photo essay of board delivery day after the turn.

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The Natural

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 27 - Tim Eberly

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Tim Eberly, skates the ultimate sustainable terrain, a tree. If you’ve skated with Tim, you know what we mean by “The Natural.” He skates everything and just kills it, including this flapped-out tree fakie at Windells. Check out some more pics of Tim skating Jamie Weller creations at Windells after the turn.

Congratulations Tim!

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