SnA Board Meeting

SnA Board Meeting Banner

Blogging can be serious business and sometimes a board meeting is required to keep things in order. Last Friday evening, the boys over at Skate and Annoy did just that. Check out the paddless Kilwag and MC as they tend to business.

MC - Stretching @ MC Mini

MC preparing for the meeting with a little back stretch.

Kilwag and MC - On Deck @ MC Mini

Kilwag and MC call the meeting to order.

Kilwat - Nose Pick @ MC Mini

Here Kilwag makes a motion with a nose picker.

MC - Blunt to Fakie @ MC Mini

MC seconds that motion with a blunt to fakie.

Kilwag - BS Boneless @ MC Mini

Next up on the agenda, the backside boneless a la Kilwag.

MC - BS Boneless @ MC Mini

MC can’t resist and bones it up to Kilwag’s delight.

Kilwag - FS Just Tail @ MC Mini

Kilwag ups the ante with this frontside judo tail slide.

MC - Indy Can Crush @ MC Mini

MC says “I see your FS judo tail slide and raise you one indy to can crusher.”

board and can @ MC Mini

Can carnage mounts as the meeting continues…

Kilwag and MC - Blur @ MC Mini

Many motions and cans later, Kilwag and MC adjourn the meeting feeling a little fuzzy.

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