Giving Back

Bacon Donation to Wendells

The gents over at Bacon Skateboards donated 30 complete decks to Windells for this year’s batch of skate campers. Campers will have free access to these boards during their stay at the camp. How cool is that?

Each board was lovingly assembled by the folks at Bacon including some sweet grip tape work by Tim Eberly. Here’s the list of sponsors and their contributions:

Check out a small photo essay of board delivery day after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Boards in Utero

Boards lay in utero

Tim - Attaching Truck Topper

Tim attaches the truck topper in prep for board delivery

Tim - Five Board Carry

First batch of boards out the door of Bacon HQ

Colin - Loading Decks

Colin loads decks into the truck

Tim -Six Board Carry

Tim discovers a more efficient method for carrying boards

Tim - Merch Review

Tim quickly reviews free merch for the campers

Colin - Shirts for Campers

Colin hamming it up with a box of Bacon t-shirts

Colin - BS Feeble @ Windells

Colin samples Windell terrain post board delivery

Tim - Tree Fakie @ Windells

Tim showing the tree some love (check out Tim’s Monday Cover)

Colin - FS Ollie @ Windells

Colin getting his ollie on (check out Colin’s Monday Cover)

Well that’s a wrap and now all that’s left is for those lucky skate campers to get their shred on. EPM out!

4 Responses to “Giving Back”

  • I’m confused. Are these going to needy kids or something?

  • The boards stay at Windells camp for the summer and are used by the ever changing campers that pass through weekly. It’s like the bowling balls at the bowling alley. The alley keeps a bunch of balls around for those of us that don’t have our own ball and monogrammed case. Similar concept.

  • Eberly looks a little like Ross Perot in the walking photo, now lets ride that ramp.

  • detach yourself from the fruits of your labor…

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