Sky Has No Limit

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 45 - Sky Siljeg

The Northwest is chock full of skate talent and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Sky Siljeg, is at the forefront. Here he is “styling out” a frontside air during the West Linn stop of the 2010 Oregon Trifecta. Weaned on some of the best concrete parks on the planet, Sky’s skating is saturated with soul. Check out more pics of Sky doing what he does best after the turn.

Congratulations Sky!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Sky Siljeg - Extension to Pocket Transfer @ Lincoln City

Sky transferring from the extension to pocket at Lincoln City

Sky Siljeg - Madonna @ Tigard

Madonna in traffic at Tigard

Sky Siljeg - Hip-hop Invert @ West Linn

Sky hip-hopping an invert at West Linn

Sky Siljeg - Extension Roll-in @ Lincoln City

Rolling in off the extension at Lincoln City

Sky Siljeg - Crail @ Tigard

Crail on the banked wall at Tigard

Sky Siljeg - RnR Board Slide @ West Linn

Sliding the lip fast and far at West Linn

Sky Siljeg - FS Air @ Tigard

Airing it out at Tigard

Sky Siljeg - Extension Layback Air @ Lincoln City

Extension layback air at Lincoln City

Sky Siljeg - Invert @ Tigard

Fingertip invert for the fans

Sky Siljeg - Madonna and Mom @ Tigard

Picture perfect Madonna for Mom

Sky Siljeg - FS Air @ West Linn

Full frame of cover shot

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