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Wandering Hughes

Dan Hughes in Walla Walla and Pendleton

He’s at it again. Dan Hughes went on another cold weather skate adventure. This time he hit two new stellar parks a la Dreamland: Walla Walla, WA and Pendleton, OR. The dude is committed and it looks like he caught-up with our favorite coffee bean roaster/skater, Mr. Thomas Reese. Check out all the pics over at Northwest Skater. See you folks soon.

How to Catch a Hughes

Dan Hughes - FS Air @ Pier

It’s easy. Find a parcel of land, build a skate park with some good tranny and wait. Soon the Hughes will appear with his distinct head markings and a longer than average board.

This week’s Monday Cover features the one and only Dan Hughes. skate park junky extraordinaire. Check-out Dan’s site and see what I mean by skate park junky. Congratulations Dan and keep the stoke.

Three Times and You’ve Got It

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 29 - Dan Hughes

Speak softly and skate a big stick; you will go far. Or, at least over the deathbox at MC’s Bowl like this week’s Monday Cover skater, Dan Hughes a.k.a. Northwest Skater. That’s a lot of lumber to loft over the lip in the tightness that is MC’s bowl. Check out a few more pics of Dan dialing the line over the deathbox plus a bonus cover after the turn.

Congratulations Dan!

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Northwest by Southwest

Dan Hughes - Northwest Skater

Hey, it’s time to check in with Mr. Northwest (now gone Southwest) Skater, Dan Hughes. There aren’t many folks out there that have skated and documented as many spots as Dan and you can check out all of his adventures over at his website:

We snagged a few pics from one of Dan’s recent skate tours; check them out after the turn. EPM “frontside air” Out!

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Messin’ with …

Dan Hughes goes to Texas

Northwest skater, Dan Hughes, traveled southwest to Texas and found some great terrain. You know the saying, “everything is big in Texas.” Well, Dan rocks a Texas-sized board making him right at home. Click the links below to follow Dan on his Texas ‘crete adventure. Also, check out more of Dan’s other skate adventures on his Northwest Skater site. EPM “Texas Plant” Out!

All photos: Dan Hughes

Uhhh, Skate Utah?

Dan - FS Grind @ Clearfield, UT

Who heads to Utah for a skate session in the dead of winter? That someone would be Mr. Dan Hughes and his magic snow repelling skateboard. Head over to Northwest Skater and check out some pics of Dan skating in less than optimal conditions at the Clearfield Skatepark. EPM chilling out!

Photo: June Ranschau

Climate Control

Climate Control on Earth Patrol

When the weather gets crappy, well, build a ramp inside and skate whenever you want. That’s what Patti, Kevin and Stu did. Check out some pics of their skate sanctuaries and some X video after the turn.

Photos: Dan Hughes and Carl Warren

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A Slice of Dreamland

Harrisburg Oregon Skatepark

There’s some new Dreamland ‘crete to skate along the I-5 corridor in Harrisburg, Oregon. Matt was kind enough to post a few pics over on the Earth Patrol Network from a recent trip to the park. Looks like a lot of fun and well worth the stop.

Update: More Harrisburg, OR pics courtesy of Dan Hughes. Thanks for the heads-up Tony.

Photos: Matt Gabriel

Maestros of the Corn

Masters @ Battle Ground - 2008 Trifecta

The final stop of the 2008 Trifecta for the Master’s division was a cacophony of skating. Like the prior two stops, Pat Ngoho and Buck Smith battled it out for top honors. In the end, Pat would win the 2008 Corn Cup while Buck, with his second place finish, would take the overall 2008 Trifecta for the Masters.

Congratulations Buck and Pat, we’ll see you next year. Check out all the action from the Master’s division in the gallery.

Masters @ Battle Ground – 2008 Trifecta

See the results after the turn.

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Farewell 2007 Session

New Year’s Eve Session @ Glenhaven

It’s the first Foto-Friday of 2008 and we bring you some action from a New Year’s Eve session at Glenhaven. Check out Andy, Barry, Dan, Dave, Jason, Kevin, MC, Mike, Rocco, Skreech, Steve and Tony as they shred into the new year.

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See more pics from the day on Dan Hughes’ Northwest Skater site.