Messin’ with …

Dan Hughes goes to Texas

Northwest skater, Dan Hughes, traveled southwest to Texas and found some great terrain. You know the saying, “everything is big in Texas.” Well, Dan rocks a Texas-sized board making him right at home. Click the links below to follow Dan on his Texas ‘crete adventure. Also, check out more of Dan’s other skate adventures on his Northwest Skater site. EPM “Texas Plant” Out!

All photos: Dan Hughes

4 Responses to “Messin’ with …”

  • I have never forgiven Texas for the chimp-tard.

  • What’s up with all the recycled content? I thought EPM was all original, all the time.

    I’ve been drinking tonight! Wheeee!

  • i just skated the houston park and ez-7 ditch. now i’m wasting my time poaching internet in the parking lot at ez-7. onward to austin…

  • Hey Burke. Sounds like your making good progress. Keep your eye out of the “Nothin’ to do but keep on rollin…” post on EPM soon. Snowmass looks good and very interested in seeing photos of that Kentucky bowl. Cheers and safe travels.

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