Goodyear for Flyouts

Luis and Martin - Benhiana’s @ Goodyear

It seems Grover’s Flyout Fever has infected the youth of Goodyear as well. Check out Luis, Martin, Seth, Dilan and Ryan as they launch into the Arizona twilight. Hopefully they will be taking these moves back into the transition in the near future. See all the pics after the turn.

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Martin - Benihana @ Goodyear

Martin – Benihana

Luis - Benihana @ Goodyear

Luis – Benihana

Seth - One Footer Nose Grab @ Goodyear

Seth – One Footer Nose Grab

Dilan - Tuck Knee @ Goodyear

Dilan – Tuck Knee

Ryan - FS Air @ Goodyear

Ryan – Frontside Air

Martin - Backside Bone @ Goodyear

Martin – Backside Bone

Luis - Tail Grab @ Goodyear

Luis – Tail Grab

Seth - Frontside 180 @ Goodyear

Seth – Frontside 180

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