Northwest by Southwest

Dan Hughes - Northwest Skater

Hey, it’s time to check in with Mr. Northwest (now gone Southwest) Skater, Dan Hughes. There aren’t many folks out there that have skated and documented as many spots as Dan and you can check out all of his adventures over at his website:

We snagged a few pics from one of Dan’s recent skate tours; check them out after the turn. EPM “frontside air” Out!

Gallery: Dan Hughes – Northwest Skater

6 Responses to “Northwest by Southwest”

  • Gnarles Copinghagen

    Funny that you had this on here today when I checked in! I was on his site for the first time in a long time just this morning to get directions to a park I hadn’t been to before. His website is really good for checking out parks! Good photo’s from many angles. Plus like I mentioned, you can get directions.

  • Dan is a legend! I remember when they first opened the Madras Park a bunch of us drove down from Portland and Dan was going to meet us there. I remember thinking just driving from Portland was a hell of a drive to skate a skatepark 2 1/2 hours away for Dan it must have been a 5 or 6 hour drive.
    Anyways we got an early start that morning only to find that Dan beat us there and was in the bowl with his weed burner drying the bowl for us as we pulled up. Classic Dude, I miss not having him part of our Northwest seen anymore.

  • Dan is a good friend. I miss (sort of) 5am phone calls to go check out some skatepark in BFE.

    We certainly don’t see him as often now that he’s not so northwest skater and that is our loss.

    He does get to even more parks now that he’s going to parks within a 15 hour drive of Salt Lake City. That’s a bonus.

  • Dan’s the man. One of the most hardcore dudes I know. No uniform required.

  • I like the look of GRIZZLY DANAMS.

  • I’m a fan of Dan. You know when your on the road with the Dan Hughes crew your gonna skate from day break till Sun down.

    Seattle’s loss, Utah’s gain.

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