Maestros of the Corn

Masters @ Battle Ground - 2008 Trifecta

The final stop of the 2008 Trifecta for the Master’s division was a cacophony of skating. Like the prior two stops, Pat Ngoho and Buck Smith battled it out for top honors. In the end, Pat would win the 2008 Corn Cup while Buck, with his second place finish, would take the overall 2008 Trifecta for the Masters.

Congratulations Buck and Pat, we’ll see you next year. Check out all the action from the Master’s division in the gallery.

Masters @ Battle Ground – 2008 Trifecta

See the results after the turn.

  1. Pat Ngoho – Venice CA USA Hurley, Adidas, OJ, SMA, Indy $680
  2. Buck Smith – Atlantic Beach FL USA Deck Crafters, Steaz, ACE $400
  3. Jason Parkes – San Diego CA USA Factory Skateboards $280
  4. Steve Alba – Badlands CA USA Hurley, Independent, Spitfire, Pro Design, Vans, Fender $200
  5. Pat Black – San Francisco CA USA ACE $160
  6. Steve Grover – Portland OR USA Cold War Skateboards $120
  7. Shawn Black – Twin Falls ID USA Flux skateboards, Fat Rat Tattoo, $80
  8. Jon Yunker – Boston MA USA Mom $80
  9. Roy Starin – Long Beach CA USA Silly Pink Bunnies, Drone Skateboards
  10. Tom Kilroy – Boise ID USA Old Man Army
  11. Mike Rogers – Cocoa Beach FL USA, Hurley, Steaz, DC Shoes, 187 Pads, Bones Wheels, Bern,Cocoa Beach Skatepark
  12. Dave Kindstrand – Santa Ana CA USA Attic Skateshop, S-One Helmets, Pocket Pistals Skates
  13. Tom Wally Inouye – Hood River OR USA IPS, Ninja, Dekline
  14. Dave Duncan – Huntington Beach CA USA Daggers, Independent, Krew, Rockstar Energy Drink, DC Shoes, Bones, Black Flys, WCS
  15. Warren Stephens – Tucson AZ USA The Family
  16. Troy Sliter – Portland OR USA My Family
  17. Jon-Jon Bryan – Anaheim CA USA Johnny’s Bar, Scarecrow, The House Of Kasai, S-One
  18. Dan Hughes – Renton WA USA Gravity Sports
  19. Scott Lambright – Salem OR USA Document Skateshop, Afroman Skateboards, Longboard Larry Skateboards
  20. Scott Gulisao – Port Orchard OR USA
  21. Chris Cooksie Cook – Pacifica CA USA Avalon, Alva, Forever, United Sk8s, Ace Trucks, City Electric Services, Pacifica Sk8park
  22. Communities

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