Serious Fun

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 42 - Jim Gray

One of the core values of skateboarding is having fun and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jim Gray, is a zen master. In addition to blistering the lip with his high speed grinds, the inventor of the JimJam and Gray Slide is one of the true ambassadors of skateboarding. Check out more pics of Jim living it up at the 2010 Oregon Trifecta after the turn.

Congratulations Jim!

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Jim Gray - FS Grind Vert Wall @ Tigard

Jim shredding the coping with style

Jim Gray - Rock-n-Roll Corner @ Tigard

Jim rock-n-roll in the corner

Jim Gray - Dino Rider @ Tigard

Jim stoking the skaters from his T-Rex perch

Jim Gray - FS Grind Bank Wall @ Tigard

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Jim Gray - Deck Recovery @ Tigard

Taking in a bit of oxygen between runs

Jim Gray - FS Air @ Tigard

Jim, more than coping with this frontside air

Jim and Hunter @ West Linn

Father and son mugging it up at West Linn

Jim Gray - FS Grind @ Tigard

Giving the photo gallery what they want.

Jim Gray - 360's in the Flat @ Tigard

Showing the youngsters some flatland work

Jim Gray - FS Grind Bank Wall @ Tigard

Full frame of cover shot

8 Responses to “Serious Fun”

  • Gnarles Copinghagen

    Nice! He was ripping it up! Fun to watch, even online…

  • The smile says it all! Super rad to watch Jim skate. Watched the online coverage just in time to catch Master’s finals at West Linn, and Tigard.
    He appears to have unlimited reserves of energy always!!

  • Thanks for the rad pics and the kind words. It was so fun skating at the trifecta for the 4th time. I just love the whole grassroots real skateboarding vibe. Glad to see it was enjoyed by others as well. I hope to see some of the footage too someday from the live feed… It would be cool to see how it was viewed from the skate world that couldn’t be there that day…. Hope everybody is loving life and enjoying their day….

  • it was cool to watch him hit the skate track @ lincoln city with about 6-8 other skaters trailing behind or in front of him, seemed like a recipe for disaster but everyone made it out safe and sound.

  • Jim is an inspiration

  • Yeah Jim! Try and have some fun will ya?

  • Old Men still Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow..this is cool. YEP…JIM was on fire all weekend! The boy inside was skating hard!

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