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Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 52 - Bryce Kanights

Believe it or not, we are wrapping up our third year of Monday Covers and we are honored to feature Mr. Dedication himself, Bryce Kanights. Whether he is on a board, behind a camera or blogging it up for Skate Daily, Bryce is a true skateboarding connoisseur. Check out Bryce on a coping tasting tour after the turn.

Congratulations Bryce!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Bryce - Rock-n-Roll @ Bass Bowl

Bryce rockin’ the Bass bowl

Bryce - Grind over Steps @ Missoula

Blue steel stare over the stairs in Missoula

Bryce - BS Double Trucker @ MC's Bowl

Double trucking it at MC’s

Bryce - FS Grind Clam @ Treasure Bowl

Grinding the Treasure clam

Bryce - Video for Team Zissou @ Burnside

Video Recon for Team Zissou

Bryce - FS Grind the Clam @ Treasure Bowl

Full frame of cover shot

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