Madras – Flows like Basalt

Madras Skate Park

Basalt flows and so does the Madras skate park in Madras, Oregon. This is another Dreamland gem and it’s well worth a visit when you are in the area. Check out the pics after the turn and thanks to Shawn and MC for being our skate park models. Striking a pose – EPM Out!

Click on the pics for a larger view.

Shawn - FS Frigid Head @ Madras

Shawn boosting a frontside frigid head crusher

MC - Andrecht @ Madras

MC busting an Andrecht avec style

Shawn - FS Tuck Knee @ Madras

Shawn tucks and goes

MC - BS Air @ Madras

MC gets some backside air

Shawn - FS Boned @ Madras

Shawn bones a frontside air

MC - FS Air @ Madras

MC seems to float in a chasm with this frontside air

Shawn - FS Corner Air @ Madras

Shawn with a fine corner air

MC - FS Invert @ Madras

MC inverts one frontside

Shawn - BS Air @ Madras

Shawn boosts a backside air

MC - FS Air in Close @ Madras

MC all frontside in your face

Shawn - FS Air @ Madras

Shawn going frontside while MC looks on

MC - Andrecht Another Perspective @ Madras

MC Andrecht – A different perspective

Peanut Bowl @ Madras

Peanut Bowl

Big Bowl @ Madras

Big Bowl with Peanut to the left

5 Responses to “Madras – Flows like Basalt”

  • looks rad. thanks for the heads up Rich.

  • Worth a stop if you’re headed through there.

  • Good shots. Crisp!

  • Underrated park. The deep bowl is a great “Idaho” shape. Lines for days. If it were closer to Portland we’d be there more frequently.

    I used to make a weekend run each spring to Redmond on Saturday, camp in the Mt. Bachelor parking lot Saturday night, snowbro Bachelor on Sunday and back to Portland that night. Now I bag Redmond for Madras.

  • Madras is a super cool park. I go down there all the time because I have some family down there but I have only skated there once. I am acctualy headed down there on saturday but its supposed to be raining and/or snowing. That big bowl is fast and fun though.

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