Territorial Pissings

Beaverton Pool - RIP

We thought the post title fitting based on some of the drama surrounding this now defunct spot. A big thanks to a few folks who took the time to patch some of the holes and make the pool more rideable. Check out Rick, Randy and MC getting some along with an apropos video after the turn.

Beaverton Pool Gallery – RIP

6 Responses to “Territorial Pissings”

  • too bad those guys wear nike shoes, weak.

  • Great shots Rich. Thanks for posting.

    colinwalshurles (hurles?), Nike is very popular among skaters in Portland, particularly skaters that work there.

  • …nice cut-back randy….if anybody wants me to save their sick Koi someday they better start telling me about these freakin’ pools…

  • Let me refresh your memory. I believe your response was something along the lines of “I can’t risk getting arrested for trespassing because of my job at ________”

  • the spot is still skateable panzies. the copings fuked to noping but still skateable. just gotta empty the junk out. keep the sings off the light.

  • Monsterpool, any idea who fuked the coping and why? What are “sings”? And if you’re not finding the new-ish double-fencing, 4 feet of very nasty water, and easily pissed-off neighbors to be deterrents, then more power to you. Skate on brother (or sister, as the case may be). If you’re skating this one now, you deserve to have it all to yourself.

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