Grass Pants!

Matt’s Bowl and Grants Pass Skatepark

On Saturday, we skated five different spots. The day started with another session at Matt’s bowl that included Troy, Shawn F., Larry, Tyler, Steev, Shawn R., MC and our host Matt. The weather was cooler but the skating was on fire. After lunch, we headed over to the Grants Pass skatepark for our second session of the day. Tyler, Steev and Larry kill this place. All the proof after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Matt’s Bowl – Day 2
Tyler - Lien Bone @ Matt’s Bowl

Tyler poking one in your face

Matt - Lien to Tail @ Matt’s Bowl

Matt taking the lien to tail

Shawn - FS Grind @ Matt’s Bowl

Shawn grinding it out

Troy - Rock-n-Roll @ Matt’s Bowl

Troy getting intimate with the lip

Larry - FS Smith @ Matt’s Bowl

Larry with some flare in the shallow

Shawn F. - BS Carve @ Matt’s Bowl

Mr. Fendick rolls it backside

Steev - FS Smith @ Matt’s Bowl

Steev smiths with something extra

Tyler - Indy @ Matt’s Bowl

Air quality check by Tyler

Troy - Rock-n-Roll @ Matt’s Bowl

Troy rockin’ from another angle

MC - Andrecht @ Matt’s Bowl

MC flips one upside-down

Shawn - Sea Lab Shirt @ Matt’s Bowl

Best Sea Lab shirt ever!

Shawn - Method @ Matt’s Bowl

Hmmm? Method!

Steev - FS Air @ Matt’s Bowl

The Spruce Goose in flight

Shawn - Frigid Air @ Matt’s Bowl

More Shawn frigid-ness

Tyler - Invert @ Matt’s Bowl

Sadness in the deep

Troy - FS Grind @ Matt’s Bowl

Troy in tight on a grind

Grants Pass

Tyler - Heelamonster @ Grants Pass

Tyler calls it a heel-a-monster, we call it sick!

Larry - FS Air @ Grants Pass

Larry blasting one

Steev - Texas Two Step @ Grants Pass

Steev says it’s the Texas two-step

MC - Andrecht @ Grants Pass

MC always pushing it

Larry - Fakie Step Off @ Grants Pass

Larry toe tappin’

Steev - FS Kick @ Grants Pass

Can you say concrete wave?

Tyler - FS Tail @ Grants Pass

Tail slide action in the pocket

Shawn - FS Air @ Grants Pass

Shawn rising above it

Larry - FS Air @ Grants Pass

Power in the air courtesy of Larry

Steev - Feeble Grind @ Grants Pass

Steev feeble grinds us out of here

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