Coast is Clear

Brookings Skatepark

On Sunday, we packed our bags and headed for our first stop on the Oregon coast, Brookings. The route from Grants Pass to Brookings is a scenic one, including some Redwood action near Crescent City, CA, and it’s only about an hour and a half of travel time. The park was fairly empty save a soon-to-be-ticketed biker and a California crew on a road trip. Shawn and MC had no problem finding some lines and Shawn checked the bowl gap off of his skate to-do-list. Check out some sequences, a full-gallery and some select photos after the turn.

Gallery and Sequences


Click on an image for a larger view.

Overview of Brookings skatepark

Overview of the park

MC - FS Air @ Brookings

MC’s frontside air in solitude

Shawn - BS Air over Gap @ Brookings

Shawn in skate projectile mode

Brookings Gap

Gap in the abstract

MC - Andrecht @ Brookings

MC stamping the pool with an invert

See all the photos from the Brookings session in the gallery.

2 Responses to “Coast is Clear”

  • Rich, I like the way you did this post. It’s a good combination of coverage and art. Plus the gallery and the sequences…very nice! That gap jump looks “do or die”, In one of the sequences you can tell the point at which Shawn knows he’s made it.

  • Sweet shawn! I wish I had been there to see it in person with my d-80!

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