Slippery When Wet

Lake-0 Splash-Out 2009

The Pacific Northwest is currently in the midst of a surface of the Sun simulation. With that in mind, we thought we might cool you off with a some skaters splashing about in their best bermudas. Check out Shawn, Troy, Steve B., Randy, Brad, Randy, Bryce, MC and Grover flapping their water-wings after the turn. EPM “It wasn’t a rock, it was a rock lobster” out!

If you dare, click on an image for a larger view.

Shawn - Frog Style @ Lake-O

Shawn laying down some frog style

Troy - Laser Beam Focus @ Lake-O

Troy with his laser beam tracking system engaged

Bryce - Diving In @ Lake-O

Bryce heading for a submarine mission

Randy - Channeling Snake Plissken @ Lake-O

Randy, a.k.a. Snake Plissken, preparing for some more springboard activity

Steve B. - Ballet on the Board @ Lake-O

Steve B. pulls out some advanced ballet moves

MC - Reaching Back @ Lake-O

MC opts for the one-handed reach back catch

Brad - Ball Catch @ Lake-O

Brad going horizontal for high style points

Grover - Hurdle Catch @ Lake-O

Grover uses his track skills to hurdle his way to the ball

Brad - Throw Ball @ Lake-O

A contrast in throwing styles as demonstrate by Brad…

Grover - Throw Ball @ Lake-O

…and Grover

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