Same Dudes, Different Moves

Oudalay, Daniel, Kyle and Johnny @ MC’s Bowl

Just like the title says, it’s Oudalay, Daniel, Johnny and Kyle bustin’ out some more bowl antics at MC’s. Sure is fun to skate with these dudes. It makes an old man’s sinew feel young again. Check out all the pics after the turn.

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Oudalay - Ollie Deathbox to FS Disaster @ MC’s Bowl

Oudalay – Over d’box to frontside disaster

Daniel - Fakie Rock @ MC’s Bowl

Daniel – Fakie to rock with nice foot technique

Johnny - FS Smith @ MC’s Bowl

Johnny – Well, what can we say other than STYLE!

Kyle - Fakie Thruster Deathbox @ MC’s Bowl

Kyle – Takes a fakie thruster over the deathbox, yep.

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