Skate Quake Epicenter

Sleestock 2008

It’s on! Grab your board and head to Lincoln City. Peace, love and shred with all your skate web favorites including Bobcat and Grover. Sunday is sure to be chaos as the Independent tour rolls into town as well. Madness just the way we like it. Check out some action from last year’s event: Sleestock 2007.

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  • Sunday was pretty sweet. Finley got hurt pretty bad in the snake run, and got taken out by ambulance. he gave a thumbs up from the stretcher so hopefully he will be OK. He was unconcious for like 10 minutes or at least what seemed like 10 minutes. If any one hears his status would be good to know. Other than that The indy guys and a lot of local pros Red, ben krohn, and even Jay meer mad an appearance. Good times.

  • Anyone have status on Finley? Grover broke is clavicle and scapula earlier in the day so we headed back to Portland to get him patched up.

  • Ive been asking around but no one that I know has heard his status. Hows Grover doin??

  • Grover seems to be doing well. He has a nice new sling and some pain medication. No skating for about 6 weeks though.

  • Thats probably the most painfull part for sure.

  • Grover has non-displaced tranverse fractures of the clavicle and scapula. Neither involve the joint and the prognosis is good for each.

  • That’s great that he’ll be ok. 6 weeks, though? That’s really tough, but on the up side, it could definitely be worse. I take it he put an arm out on a fall? Best of luck with the recovery Grover. Don’t push it too fast.

  • wow, it’s Wednesday and I just found my way home! Great weekend, thanks to everyone for making the trek. I was wrecked even before getting there but managed to get in 5 parks on the way home along the coast.

    Finley was back at the park a couple hours later. I’m sure he has one hell of a headache.

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