Grind the Box

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 1 - Morris Wainwright

Guess what? It’s time, once again, to start a new season of Monday Covers. Kicking off our fourth year of Monday Covers is North Carolina bred by way of Seattle shred, Morris “Mo” Wainwright. Check out the proper way to set on a grind over the deathbox after the turn. Also, thanks to BK for the light hold and pro tips.

Congratulations Morris!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Morris - Pipe @ Pier Park

Living the pipe dream

Morris - Hip @ Pier Park

Speed line over the hip

Morris - FS Stand Up over Box @ MC Bowl

Blur over the box

Morris - Roll In @ MC's Bowl

Rolling the deep frontside

Morris - Setting on it @ MC's Bowl

Setting on it

Morris - Over the deathbox @ MC's Bowl

Clarity over the box

Morris - FS Grind Deathbox @ MC's Bowl

Full frame of cover shot

Bonus: Here’s your stoked-on-the-shred video courtesy of Anitgravity Press. Click it!

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