Rippers in Roseburg

Roseburg Skatepark

So we went on a little skate adventure this weekend that included spots in Southern Oregon and the Oregon coast. We kicked things off with a quick stop at the Roseburg skatepark. Locals, Stefan, Christian and Kevin were killing it along with MC and Shawn. See all the action after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Stefan - FS Smith @ Roseburg

Stefan with some Smith style

Christian - Invert @ Roseburg

Christian taking it upside-down

Shawn - FS Air Hip @ Roseburg

Shawn over the hip

MC - FS Air @ Roseburg

MC casting a shadow

Stefan - Lien Air @ Roseburg

Stefan peaking over a lien

Christian - BS Air @ Roseburg

Christian adding some nose to this backside air

MC - FS Air @ Roseburg

MC in classic form

Shawn - FS Air @ Roseburg

Shawn looking for his Concussion Mag shot

Stefan - Indy Air @ Roseburg

Stefan goes indy SORG style

4 Responses to “Rippers in Roseburg”

  • Geez, what’s with the rippers that Roseburg is turning out? Must be something in the water. Good shots, except for those old dudes…

  • It’s all the meth labs. The chemicals are seeping into the ground water.

  • I can’t seem to pull of smith grinds. I’ve been going for the BS smith… probably just need to go faster! Stefan seems to be nailing the FS. Nice!

    Love the shadow shot of MC. Guessing by the clouds in the sky you had flat light for most of the session, The sun must have popped out just for that shot. Great timing great shot.

    MC, nice tuck knee FS air.

    Do these kids ever bail? “No pads, Yikes”!

  • we dont wear pads in the burg because if your gonna be dumb you gotta be tuff……………

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