Dog Up, Man Down, Dino Out

Toby, Shawn and MC - Southern Oregon

We took a little skate trip to Southern Oregon over the weekend. Skated Roseburg, Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Medford, Talent, Ashland, Brookings, Port Orford, Reedsport, Florence, Toledo, Lincoln City and the Weasel Bowl. We met a lot of great folks along the way. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality; it was a great way to start the Summer. Stay tuned for all the coverage.

2 Responses to “Dog Up, Man Down, Dino Out”

  • Sounds like an Awesome trip. I can’t wait to see your pics. Hope you can post a lot of then! 🙂 I hear you got hurt. bummer! Hope you are feeling better now.

  • Thanks, I’m walking with just a little hitch in my get-along. I aggravated a chronic knee injury that I need to get fixed someday. The trip was a good one and now I’m busy sifting through the slew of bits.

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