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Why Pay Cash …

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 41 - Kim Petersen

… when you can charge it! Oh yeah, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kim Petersen, knows all about charging it. No matter the terrain, Kim’s “take no prisoners” approach is always in full affect. Need your session amped like Spinal Tap? Include Kim in the mix and you’re sure to reach 11. Check out more pics of Kim shredding it up after the turn.

Congratulations Kim!

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Polson, Montana Skatepark on Earth Patrol

We found Paul Bunyan’s helmet and it’s in Polson, Montana. No kidding, Dreamland built the worlds only skateable helmet, as far as we know, and it’s a blast. Check out Jason, Jeff, Shawn M., Shawn R., M.C. and K.C. finding their lines inside of this monument to head safety along with a few bonus shots after the turn. EPM “we can skate if we want to” Out!

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Sadlands Infused

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 40 - Keith Cote

You can take the skater out of the Sadlands but you can’t take the Sadlands out of the skater. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Keith “K.C.” Cote, putting his Sadland roots to the test on a basketball pole ride in Hermiston. Check out more pics of K.C. adapting to more sick Northwest terrain after the turn.

Congratulations K.C.!

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Tommy Guerrero on Generation X

Tommy Guerrero on Randy Katen's Generation X

Holy huge method punk fans, it’s time, once again, for Randy Katen’s Generation X live on KBGA FM Missoula. This week’s guest is the multi-talented skater/musician and all around great human being, Tommy Guerrero. An orignial member of the Bones Brigade, bass player for Free Beer, and an accomplished solo artist, Tommy talks a bit about it all. Click on the massive button/banner below when the time is right. EPM “neon-mute fast-plant” Out!

Featured Guest: Tommy Guerrero” of Free Beer; Sunday, August 21 @ 5-7pm PST

Listen to Randy Katen's Generation X on KBGA/FM Missoula, Montana

Dew Blood, Fuel!

Mason Merlino - Team Lifeblood @ Portland Dew Tour

Interested in a little 411 on Lifeblood Skateboards? Well, the folks over at Fuel TV took a trip to Unheard Skate Supply corporate HQ and Brooklyn Street Skate Spot in search of answers. Check out BK and the boys after the turn along with a full frame pic of Mason getting down during this year’s Portland Dew Tour. EPM “Johnny Turgesen ripping” Out!

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Build It and They Will Shred

Chris Miller with a huge frontside air into the pocket - Dew Tour Portland

Hoo haa, that’s one huge air into the pocket courtesy of Chris Miller during this year’s Portland stop of the Dew Tour. Maybe you would like to see more of Chris skating the world’s first portable concrete bowl? Well, you’re in luck; check out videos and results of the legend and pro finals after the turn along with a larger version of Chris’ atmospheric air. EPM “telemetry tracking engaged” Out!

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2011 Oregon Mono-Fecta Division Winners

It’s in the books, the first ever mono/uni-fecta and we have your division winners: Ladies – Lizzie Armanto, Masters – Lance Mountain and Pros – Kevin “everything to disaster” Kowalski. Check out larger pics after the turn. EPM “sticky soda sunshine saturated shredding” Out!

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Ffej Blowing it Out!

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 39 - Jeff

Oh yeah, that’s one sick tuck knee invert courtesy of this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jeff “Ffej” Hedges. Looking for some pointers on invert variations? Ffej has you covered. Check out more of Ffej’s sinew assault on the coping after the turn.

Congratulations Ffej!

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Brian Brannon on Generation X

Brian Brannon on Randy Katen's Generation X

Brain Brannon Photo Credit: MRZ

Skate Punk. Interested? Well, this week’s guest on Randy Katen’s Generation X might peak your interest. It’s non-other than skater/singer of JFA, Brain Brannon. Check it out after the turn. EPM “skateboard anarchy” Out!

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Oregon Trifecta 2011 on Earth Patrol

What time is it? Why it’s Dew-fecta time! Yep, it’s true, the Dew Tour and Oregon Trifecta have a love child and we’re calling it Dew-Fecta. Details related to the Dew Tour aspects of the event are a bit fuzzy but there’s no doubt that the Pier Park and West Linn stops will be full on skateboarding mayhem for the skate loving masses. Check out the flier after the turn. EPM “simply stoked” Out!

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