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Ten on Tap

Randy Katen's Generation X - The Inteviews on Earth Patrol

Hey everybody, it’s Sunday and you know what that means. It’s time for some punk rock interviews courtesy of Randy Katen’s Generation X. Believe it or not, we have ten, count them, ten shows archived for your listening pleasure. Check out every last one of them after the turn and be sure to tune in next week for Randy’s interview with Black Flag, Circle Jerks, now OFF! front man, Keith Morris. EPM “your sweat so sour” Out!

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Japanese Steeze

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Parol - Volume 4

With a huge pan-pacific knuckle bump to our japanese skate comrades, the Sorcery 118 crew find themselves deep in a tech-trick filled skate session. Check out this week’s Sorcery Saturday pick after the turn. EPM “expanding the skate terrain universe” Out!

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Residual Youth

Pools have healing powers

No matter the age of the skater, an empty swimming pool gets those youthful juices flowing. Rick, Ryan, Randy and MC tap into their inner-child during a session at the long defunct trailer park pool. Check out all the sweaty old guy action after the turn. EPM “alien pods in the pool” Out!

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Skate Solidarity

20 Year Anniversary - Burnside Skate Park

The Burnside crew is working on a capsule bowl addition to the park in preparation for the 20 year anniversary and they need your help in the form of donations. It’s easy, just click the massive Burnside donate button after the turn and be sure to check out the flier for this year’s Halloween festivities. EPM “skater design/build” Out!

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Bingen Washington Progress

Bingen, Washington Skate Park - Photos: Carl Warren

There’s some new Grindline concrete taking form in the town of Bingen, Washington. It’s another skater design/build gem in the Columbia Gorge and it’s just across the river from Hood River. Be sure to check out Carl Warren’s park construction photos and stay tuned for details about the park opening in the near future. EPM “get stoked Bingen” Out!

Photo Credits: Carl Warren

Servotron to Man or Astroman?

Servotron, Man or Astroman? on Earth Patrol

Wigged out electro-surf tunes rule the waves on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. Headlining this shindig is the ever fitting Servotron on Lookout! Records along with Touch and Go alumnus Man or Astroman? Slap on those clam diggers and connect the jumper cables because this party is about to crash the beach. EPM “red robot refund” Out!

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Deep in the Heart….

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 50 - Ben Johnson

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Ben Johnson, adds a little Texas tongue flair to a lofty lien air. Ben is the consummate shredder and not even the deep gnar of West Linn can contain him. Check out a few more pics of Ben at the 2010 Oregon Trifecta after the turn.

Congratulations Ben!

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Joey Shithead on Generation X

Joey Shithead Interview on Randy Katen's Generation X

What better to occupy your time on a blustery rainy day than a new Generation X interview. Randy sets down with D.O.A. front man and guitarist, Joey Shithead. Get all the dope on Joey and D.O.A. after the turn. EPM “war, what is it good for” Out!

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SCTV – Skate Canada TV

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 3

In addition to hopping about a Canadian flag flower bed, the Sorcery 118 crew rolled around some Vancouver concrete on a recent road trip to British Columbia. Check out this week’s Sorcery Saturday pick after the turn and as a token of peace to our Canadian brothers, please feel free to hop about any of our flag flower beds as well. EPM “pogo about the perennials” Out!

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Swan Songs for the Satyricon

Satyricon Farewell Shows - Pond, Quasi, Poison Idea

The local legendary punk/metal/grunge club Satyricon is closing its doors once again but not without some great farewell shows. This Saturday, Oct. 23rd, the kings of Portland grunge, Pond, are playing a show with the ever cool Quasi and M99. On the following Sunday, Oct. 31st, the sultans of Portland punk, Poison Idea, will headline the Halloween farewell show. It’s sure to be a thrashing good time. So mark your calendars and check out some videos of the bands after the turn. EPM “feeling the darkness” Out.

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