Spectrum of Sound – Yellow

Spectrum of Sound - Yellow - YouTube Tuesday March 10, 2009

You’ve probably heard the phrase “making lemonade out of lemons.” Well, that’s exactly what it felt like trying to find music related to the color yellow for this week’s Spectrum of Sound series. There wasn’t much to choose from but there are a few gems in the bunch. So without further delay, check out this week’s golden shower of hits after the turn.

Beck – Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs(yellow sweat)

The Ventures – Yellow Jacket

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Chance

20/20 – Yellow Pills (Music Only)

Yello – Oh Yeah

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Nice Age

U2 – Lemon

Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

Elton John – Yellow Brick Road

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine

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