Swan Songs for the Satyricon

Satyricon Farewell Shows - Pond, Quasi, Poison Idea

The local legendary punk/metal/grunge club Satyricon is closing its doors once again but not without some great farewell shows. This Saturday, Oct. 23rd, the kings of Portland grunge, Pond, are playing a show with the ever cool Quasi and M99. On the following Sunday, Oct. 31st, the sultans of Portland punk, Poison Idea, will headline the Halloween farewell show. It’s sure to be a thrashing good time. So mark your calendars and check out some videos of the bands after the turn. EPM “feeling the darkness” Out.

Pond – Agatha

Pond – Spots

Pond – Rock Collection

Pond – One Day in the Future

Quasi – Repulsion

Quasi – Little White Horse

Quasi – Our Happiness is Guaranteed (Live 1998 Satyricon)

Quasi – I Never Want to See You Again

Poison Idea – Just to Get Away

Poison Idea – Marked for Life

Poison Idea – Alan’s on Fire

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